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9th November 2011, 06:55
I spoke recently of how I came to this planet, I would like to share with something that happened that I believe is relavant to what is going to be happening in 2012.

I mentioned we healed planets which was our way of helping the Universes. On our travels we came in contact with what we thought at the time was a dark energy which needed our help with a traumatic outcome, we lost two friends and several others were traumatised.
It was just after this that we found ourselves in the Universe which contained what appeared to be a perfect planet to help heal our friends:Earth what we did not realise at the time was this dark energy was heading for earth. We found several references to this energy but at the time believed it would destroy this universe not undestanding the context of its path.
About 12 months or so ago I came across a programme talking about Nostrudamus's lost quatrains in which he talks about 2012 and predicts three eclipses, this I believe is unusual in its self as are the concept of these three eclipses. The first is the Sun, known to several religions or people as the Father, the second is Venus again often thought of as a Mother figure and the third is the dark rift. The Mayans believed all life sprang from the dark rift and even your scientist believe all matter or energy comes from this rift.
I understand now why I was if you like kept from leaving this planet, as just yesterday I realised what the dark energy we had encountered was it was a dormant dark rift. It would appear while not working it remains dormant until it reaches its destination finds the relevant portal and sends in, beams down the energy to heal or uplift the planet.
This energy will change the DNA of every one that is tuned to it but owing to the peculiar complexities of the human body, people will not be removed from the planet as would usually happen with such a massive change, as it has been noted that humans do not react kindly to having their bodies changed, I think this is because of the peculiar reaction between humans and this planet.
The Earth can survive with out humans but humans cannot survive with out the earth, of course you say we need the oxygen no this goes even deeper that just physical needs.
Due to the intensity of the energy there will be help for humans who are ready to absorb this but though the changes have already begun to happen it will still take time for the full process to be absorbed.

Well people of Avalon a lot to digest, I will end by telling how we found the different places that needed healing, our ship because she was sentient did not need maps compasses or radar she found her way by energy/colour. The darker the colour the more the healing was needed that was why the Earth's energy was so unusual, being quite light in some parts but dark in others a bit like a patch work quilt.
To all who reads this I send blessings. Travellor

9th November 2011, 06:59
interesting...gonna look for your other posts :) ...i don't know much about you but i want to read what you wrote about how you came to be :)

thanks for sharing

9th November 2011, 07:20
Interesting read. I sincerly hope that black patchs are decreasing in number and size?

9th November 2011, 13:01
It would appear that the rift passes through the universes with out being noticed, it is only when the planet/universe is on the verge of a major change that stops and imparts energy. It is only destructive when tampered with, that is why we lost people if we had not tried to 'heal' it there would not have been a problem. This energy had never been encountered before and we had had no understanding of it, even we make mistakes ;)