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28th June 2010, 06:24
Evidence: BP oil spill is disaster capitalism by criminal elite to depopulate and stop ET disclosure
by Alfred Lambremonte Webre

This article is the 2nd in an ongoing Examiner.com series on the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill and its environmental, economic, social and exopolitical impacts.

A pattern of evidence from independent investigative reporters is emerging to suggest that the BP oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico may be an intentional “false flag” event in the genre of disaster capitalism, with the “environmental war” purpose of wrecking the environment of the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern United States and causing economic and social hardship to the population, and possible physical evacuation into FEMA camps operated by Halliburton on behalf of an international war crimes network. Halliburton is, by the emerging evidence, itself a prime suspect in the false flag operation.

Key principals who, by preliminary evidence, to be tied to criminal acts associated with insider profiting on the BP oil “spill” operation and with acts of pre-meditated sabotage or criminal negligence that initially caused the oil spill and exacerbated its environmental, economic and social effects, have been tied to previous “false flag” events of disaster capitalism and are operatives of this international war crimes racketeering network.

There is now evidence of intentional disaster capitalism in the BP oil spill, including “foreshadowing drills” by the U.S. agencies and the sabotage or criminal negligence involvement of Halliburton, first broadcast by this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre and an independent scientist in a special investigative program on Vancouver Coop Radio CFRO 102.7 FM. Examiner readers can access the full summary and listen to the program in the article below.

On June 8, 2010, UFO filmmaker James Fox, broadcasting on the Veritas show, revealed a corporate-governmental private police state that was erasing constitutional guarantees in the BP oil spill impacted area in Grand Isle, LA. Mr. Fox stated, “Basically what’s happening is a complete media blackout. They are arresting people with cameras. They are arresting ... They will even arrest ... I was told off-camera that if they’re caught talking to a reporter, they are going to go to jail.”

A mainstream New Orleans TV news station, WDSU-TV in a video in the article below, confirmed Mr. Fox’s investigative reporting on June 12, 2010.