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10th November 2011, 13:29
Hello to all,

I joined Avalon only a couple months ago. I am from Spain but have lived in the USA for many years off and on. Grew up in a coffee farm down south of the border. i had been aware that there is more to life and reality from that which we can only see. Maybe because all the mushrooms (jeje) I ate. I began to think about this things since I was very young.... and of course it has been a continuous learning experience since then.

I am almost an unbearably romantic sort of being. That I think is because I am Latin with a bunch of Irish in the mix... some one played a joke on me. Also, very trusting and naive for my own good. Think and worry to much as DIG guessed when we chat (he is so perceptive). I live following my intuition always. Very funny some times when I chat with people and have drank a couple of rum and cokes. LOL Totally broke, so don't get any ideas... LOL
Any way, not much more to say for now, but I am always available to chat if I am on line in the forum. All you have to do is ask.

You can learn a lot about a person by the movies they like, so I am going to list some of my favorites here and in case any of you haven't seen them. I highly recommend all of them:

Dances with Wolfs - with Kevin Cosner - I fell in love with the main character(dumb).
Rummors of Angels - With Vanessa Redgrave
Fluke: About a man who is reincarnated in a dog.... A real tear jerker so get your tissues if you rent it.
The Lion in the Winter - With Katherine Hepburn and Peter Otoole.
The Secret Garden - Don't remember the actors Really a kids movie but very good.
Peaceful Warrior - Nick Nolte
Contact - Jodi Foster
Taken: The mini series of Steven Spielberg - Alien adduction
Philadelphia: I see myself on that one

Looking forward to post more later and get to know all of you here...

With much love inside,


10th November 2011, 13:41
Being a new member myself, I am not really in the position to be the "welcome committee", but still... bienvenido, Roland. :)
You sound like a delightful and very interesting person.

10th November 2011, 14:20
Its a pleasure to meet you Centauro. Thanks for the lovely introduction!! :welcome:

ps Nevermind, Anybody here can be the welcome committee. We are all equal!!:grouphug: