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29th June 2010, 21:45
Why 'polarity' issues are looked at and addressed in the EFFECTIVE teachings

The treatment of polarity is a fundamental issue that differentiates this work
from many other teachings.

Firstly polarity isn't 'bad' in itself. Source/God projects creation by
polarizing within itself. It projects consciousness into separate units, be they
dimensions, galaxies, planets, human bodies, particles, etc. These interact with
each other and the consciousness flows back into its inherent unity in source.
There is a natural creative process of polarization and integration. We wouldn't
regard the polarity in an electrical battery, the + and -, as bad. The problem
arises where the flow back into integrity with source is blocked for any reason,
i.e. where the natural flows are distorted or blocked. It is such distortions
that are the problem more than the polarity.

Given that we find ourselves with polarity issues, i.e. separation from
ourselves/God and separation from others in terms of conflict, how do we deal
with this situation? I very much agree that we must firstly find that place of
integrity and unity within ourselves. We must integrate to our (D12) Christos &
Source consciousness. There is no disagreement here.

What do we do then? Do we detach from the problem, deny its reality, reducing it
to the status of an illusion? Or do we engage the problem and try to deal with
it? The first option would be great if it worked. But there's the rub.

Let's look at this issue in a practical context. I am driving along in my car
and I get a puncture. How do I deal with this? I could go into a nice
comfortable space where the problem doesn't exist and try to create the reality
of a fixed wheel from there. This isn't really happening to me, it's only an
illusion. If I think about or bring attention to the punctured wheel it will
only create the problem! Or I could simply face the problem, change the wheel
and be back motoring within minutes.

The problem with denying the problem is that it also denies the solution. The
analogy above is basic but it does serve to illustrate a point. We could pick
many other examples. I think most people's experience of trying to 'uncreate'
such a problem as illusive would be that the police would have towed the car
away or hell itself would have frozen over long before the wheel would have
fixed itself. When we face a problem, bring attention to it, we are not creating
nor necessarily reinforcing the problem. It's already there. Constructive
engagement is generally an effective strategy in contrast with denial or
detachment. Regarding problems as illusions doesn't necessarily fix them.

We can bring all this into the bigger world scene / conflict drama. There's part
of us that wishes certain things weren't happening, that would prefer not to
know about them, that wants to get away from it all and simply wants to go
'home'. However there is a part of source and a part of us blocked down here.
There's a part of us affected, even trapped, by the drama and we can't afford to
ignore the fact. Knowledge or awareness of itself isn't separative. We can be
fully in our integrity (with Christos / source) and very much aware of what is
going on around us at the same time. In fact this is a great place to be coming
from. Bringing attention to or knowing about does not necessarily promote
separation nor 'breed polarity'.

Ideally we focus on issues / problems in the context of solutions. Knowledge /
attention needn't be a cause for fear but rather a powerful motivator and a
basis for effective action. In this case knowing is a stepping-stone to
resolving the problem back into integrity. Ironically, detaching from the
problem is more separative or polarizing. It separates us from the problem (at
the level where it can be solved but not necessarily at the level where it
affects us!). It separates the problem from a solution. Ideally we come into our
space of integrity, face issues / problems from there and embrace / draw them
into resolution as effectively as we can.

We all know and respect beautiful people who are 'beyond polarity'. Before we
can regard ourselves as beyond polarity we need to address the following
question. Can I integrate my body or bodily consciousness fully back to source
right now, in the 'here and now'? Can I ascend through the dimensional structure
of creation, star gates, etc.? If I can't then I'm not beyond polarity. Until I
can do so there is part of me trapped in polarity due to various distortions in
the natural processes of creation. I can't afford to be ignorant of these, not
at this time.

It's not so much our 'souls' or higher parts that we need worry about saving.
There are parts of us beyond polarity. But we needn't worry about these. It's
our lower parts that are caught in the drama and potentially in jeopardy that
need our attention. We have projected part of our consciousness into our
physical bodies, into every organ, cell and atom. It is this 'bodily
consciousness' that is most in need of securing. It's more a case of 'save our
bodies', i.e. body consciousness, than the more traditional 'save our souls'! If
we detach from the physical realities of our bodies and the drama in which they
are enmeshed and seek refuge in the more comfortable spaces of our soul we risk
losing a valuable part of our identities.

It's not about right and wrong nor good and bad anymore. It's about realism and
effectiveness. It's about what works and doesn't, in terms of bringing as much
of ourselves and of other parts of creation that we impact back into integrity
with source as we can. We don't have centuries to sit around figuring the
niceties of things anymore. The need is for enlightened and effective action