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Northern Boy
20th March 2010, 23:43
Love is the Currency of the 21st Century

Origins of Slavery, aka Commerce

In the Garden of Eden, the serpent suggested to Eve, that if she were to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, her eyes would be opened and she would be as God. So, she and Adam ate the Amanita Muscaria mushroom (which resembles an apple) …. a hallucinogen which allowed them to realize that they are, indeed, God–– just as the serpent had said. It also allowed them to see that their nakedness meant that they are slaves, since, in the Garden, slaves wore no clothing. When they realized that their true nature was God, they clothed themselves accordingly. The LORD God (ego mind) didn’t like the fact that his slaves now knew they were God/Divinity, so he threw them out. Now, they were responsible for finding their own food, clothing, and shelter. Certainly, they had been protected, in the Garden, (read: “received benefits and privileges”), but their true freedom meant that they were now completely responsible for their lives. This was probably not too worrisome for them, now, with their gained knowledge that they are God.

In the 8th book of The Ringing Cedars of Russia series, we read that the slave-owners realized that, one day, the slaves, who out-numbered the masters 10 to 1, would finally catch onto how to escape, one way or another. So, the masters “freed” them by offering the slaves coins. The slaves were now free to clothe, feed, and house themselves, in any way they chose. The added bonus was that the more they worked, the more coins they received, the better food, clothing, and housing they could acquire …. but, they were still slaves, only now they were slaves to the coins.

Mankind, in his fear for his survival, has always wanted to control his environment and other people. So, mankind has never known anything but slavery. People who insist that the commercial system was designed to work for everyone––if only the public servants would do their jobs and, if only there weren’t so much greed––are just being naive. Nothing is going to change the system of slavery. We cannot change anything outside ourselves without first changing our minds about what we think is outside ourselves. We must do as the original slaves (Adam and Eve), did …. realize that we are God, get up the gumption, and leave the Garden.

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21st March 2010, 10:18
I've got those books. Uplifting:peace: