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17th November 2011, 08:31
I don't know I did not pick this date the Mayans appeared to have suggested it. Is it the end of a cycle probably, I believe everything is cyclic we definitely are; ruled by the moon being mostly water. So what of the Earth's cycle.

Lets clarify my thinking, Earth/Ghia living yes very much so but I believe the Earth is ruled by not just her cycle but by the elements that help make her, besides the chemical composition : Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit/Energy and I believe each one of these elements play a part in each change that has happened to the Earth over milleniums.

Of course that is obvious but each major change leading to a catastrophy has been driven by one element more than the others, for example the forming of the earth would be mainly driven by fire, the floods by water, the ice age by air and the planet covered by 90% foliage would be earth, so this time round as probably many times before it is energy/spirit.. I believe that what we know about changes in the earth is just the tip of the iceberg I think the earth is older than even the scientists have predicted.

So what happens when there is an energy change, in my opinion it is a little like exchanging a winter coat for a much lighter spring coat. Does the earth die not in the traditional sense, more like shedding that which is no longer useful in this case this vibrational level as it has provide all she has needed but now can no longer sustain her to heal.
Will she throw off people like a dog shaking off fleas, no I don't think it works that way, people are given a chance to evolve them selves and move forward but it won't just happen on the 21 12 2012 I believe it has been happening for some time now and on that day the Earth will be given the extra energy to raise her vibrational levels. How will that effect those that wish to travel with her? For them the process will be slower as the Earth will absorb most of the energy and if you like at certain points in the world give out the energy for those that wish to connect.
Finally on the Earth's age if she goes through vibrational transitions then this would explain the age discrepencies, depending how much the change is needed, depends on how long she stays in one vibrational level.

Of course this is just a theory or is it. Bye for now Avalonians :p