View Full Version : The Giza Geometrix Website - Check This Out!

18th November 2011, 15:44
Into Egypt and The Cosmos? Have a look at this Peeps, I believe it ties everything in nicely together here! Awesome Website. The sound and video on the site load slow, please be patient.

"As above so below".

The Giza Geometrix (http://www.gizamap.com/geomatrix/)

18th November 2011, 23:18
Whitefeather that was quite an amazing show. i have been to the site before, but never watched the interactive scenes with the powerful music. fascinating. thanks so much. i wonder, what good does it do the egyptian government to withhold the necessary information?
regards, corson

18th November 2011, 23:22
We have to find the answers Ourselves.

19th November 2011, 00:09
I always remember Frank Herbert and his book Dune, when they talk about the conspiracy inside the conspiracy inside the conspiracy inside the conspiracy......

And now, how to find real reasons why they hide the information.