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2nd July 2010, 13:51
The power of humanity against imposed injustice took (potentially) a great step forward yesterday with the news that the Dr Kelly suicide case is to be re-opened.

For those unfamiliar, Dr Kelly was the official whistleblower against Tony Blair and George Bush concerning the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) supposedly concealed and stockpiled by Saddam Hussein. These weapons were used as the reason for the latest second invasion of Iraq by U.S and U.N forces.

Many in conspiracy circles knew he had not committed suicide when he was found dead with his wrists slit. He had filed an official report stating that no WMD's were in Iraq at all. He was then found dead shortly before the second invasion began.

Lib Dem Norman Baker said the 2003 Hutton inquiry had "blatantly failed to get to the bottom of matters".

And he vowed to quiz ministers and unearth new facts to establish the "truth" of the case.

Dr Kelly was found dead after being named as the possible source of a BBC story on the government's Iraq dossier.

Mr Baker, who is known for his forensic use of parliamentary questions, said he had quit his front bench role partly to concentrate on investigating the scientist's death.

"It struck me as extremely odd at the time that Dr Kelly was thought to have committed suicide in the way he did, at the time he did," Mr Baker told the BBC News website.

"The more I look into it the less convinced I am by the explanation and the more unanswered questions appear which ought to have been addressed properly by the Hutton inquiry or by the coroner."

This has made the front page of the Daily Mail, one of the largest papers (albeit a very middle class and usually biased one!) in the UK yesterday and is now being stated on mainstream news centres such as the BBC, where the above quote is taken from.

Hopefully this marks the first step towards justice. You can read the rest of the BBC article here:


2nd July 2010, 19:26
His death by"suicide" just did not make sense. The whole thing just did not add up.
Hopefully the truth will emerge.

3rd July 2010, 13:44
Sending Much Light.....may truth and justice find their mark..........

4th July 2010, 02:52
There is a song about this guy "you will dispensed with when you become inconvenient " They dispensed with him. People do not mean anything to these people they are without heart.

4th July 2010, 19:50
unfortunately this is what happens with real whistleblowers

and contrary to all the fake false ones

still blowing strong

year after year

of misleading distraction and deception

4th July 2010, 23:32
I see the sword of truth continues to carve its way - take no prisoners!

5th July 2010, 01:16
It terrifies me when considering the behaviour of our various governments. This "untouchable" attitude and pretending to be acting in the best interests of the people disgusts me when it's a poorly hidden fact that they're pursuing their own interests and agendas.

I am interested to see outcome of this case.

5th July 2010, 12:00
That's right guys the truth is worming it's way out again. Last friday Ken Clarke considered releasing the post mortem information for independant doctors to review. Here is a small quote from the article which I found particlularly revealing:

Quote:The doctors have questioned Lord Hutton's 2004 verdict of suicide on the government weapons scientist.

They have been calling for material from the post-mortem to be released.

Lord Hutton requested a 70-year gagging order on it but has said he does not object to the doctors seeing it.

He said in January that the purpose of the secrecy order, made at the conclusion of his inquiry, had been to avoid causing distress to Dr Kelly's family.


The rest of the article is here:


They can't hold us back guys.......