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27th November 2011, 17:53
"To See... You could say that all of our lives consists of this - yes, not as an end, but as a constant search for vision. "To be" is to unify yourself more and more. Unity makes us greater, more as a subs-tent by the increasing of consciousness. In other words "vision". That is way the history of living world consists of the making of eyes more perfect in our view of the cosmos in which we have the ability to dicern its meaning clearer as time passes.The perfection of an animal, the supremacy of the thinking being, aren't the measure of penetration and its power thought of as his sight? This is the imposed mystery of existence to everything that constitutes each element in the universe. That is the human condition that we find ourselves by simply living. Therefore, man is not the static center of the world as it has bee believed for so long, but more like the center of rotation, an arrow you might say, towards evolution, which is even more beautiful"

Roland el centauro

29th November 2011, 01:25
Nice profound words Centaur, you should continue expanding on this idea

Alex Laker
29th November 2011, 19:43
For me, it's not just about seeing, but also about perspective. How do our circumstances affect the way we see the world? And it's not just seeing. All senses create perspective - a viewpoint of the world and ourselves. But perspective only means anything if it is relative to another, so their always has to be more than one. Our abilities for communication, empathy, love and compassion (our outward senses) are the means by which we share perspective and I believe that is the game. We have to be separate before we can learn, before we can share, before we can have perspective in return (all one big circle).