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eric charles
30th November 2011, 15:19
In my very humble opinion this is the only site worthy of taking at face value, its the only news site i watch online is http://www.RT.com (Russia Today )

Its free of U.S propaganda , and also very up to date . They arent interested in what Lady Gaga did last night . Heck even Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura , David Icke appear from time to time on RT .

So if you want TRUE MSM updates , they are keeping close tabs on what seems to me the buildup of the huge conflict brewing between The Anglo-American Empire vs Iran ,Russia,China .

Usually when i see some story on the net , ill even go on RT to verify , and in 90% of the time RT has a story but completely different from the fascist U.S news networks .

Just thought i would let you guys know

Robert J. Niewiadomski
30th November 2011, 15:32
We should always bring our own discernment to the party. B.O.O.D ;)

Lord Sidious
30th November 2011, 15:37
Spassiba, tovarich. :p

eric charles
30th November 2011, 15:42
Spassiba, tovarich. :p

Is that Russian

30th November 2011, 15:52

30th November 2011, 16:02
Good post eric

For me this TV station has been a usefull tool for introducing new people to an alternate veiw point. A gentle gateway to another world. Especially those hard to crack nuts we all know. It is easier for people to use a familiar medium (TV) to dip their toe in the water. Its seems to be the way most people think. If its on the telly it must be real. :) "The interent is full of conspiracies and nutcases"

I wouldnt say its the be all end all source of info but I would recomend using this TV station as a way to start the process with anawakened ( I hate that word but you know what I mean). Once thier tuned in, the discovery process starts. Even just 5 minutes of Max Keiser gets them all fired up with questions about whats really going on. After that they can proceed at a pace of their choosing.

This has worked many times for me. I have made the mistake of showing people websites like this and it doesnt work. Its too much of a jump. And you might not recover from that.

I think its important to interact with people who are awake such as Avalon. But the bigger chalenge is to introduce new people who've never come across this information before.

30th November 2011, 16:05
I have always been impressed with RT, the people are very professional and the reporting is comprehensive, it has quickly become a world renowned news feed.

If you would like to have news pulses form RT on twitter, here is the link.