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21st March 2010, 08:04
hey beautiful people...i bumped this thread up from a1, i hope u dont mind but i find it holds a very important and simple message for all.

this thread was on another site but it rang very true with me and i wanted to share it here with you...i hope the author doesnt mind if they stumble upon it here. it is shared in love and the best intentions.

Its very hard to articulate our emotions as human beings because we tend to think what we say instead of saying what we think. Its not really our fault ofcourse but one of modern language.
It doesnt take a lot for some people...more for others..and less for others again, but if you have been blessed to have given or recieved a smile recently...or made someone genuinely laugh, then you will understand the spark of truth that one feels inside..both the giver and recipient.
A little candle is lit briefly but it brightens up the whole cave fantasically...if only for a minute. But within that minute the potential for clear sight and understanding is great.
Love, compassion, honesty...come down to a way of being and i urge everyone to smile at a stranger today or really mean it when you thank someone and be aware of the feelings that transpire and reverberate within the truest self of your being...not only knowing you have changed someone's life for the good but also given yourself a reminder of the reason you are here at this time.

For yourself...and others...be that candle and love at every opportunity

just be

peace always

1st April 2010, 05:19

1st April 2010, 07:05
thank you tsd...big love



peace always