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1st December 2011, 12:43
Analyzing & Reviewing Lyrics of a New Truther Music called 'Control' by PhantomSociety (John's "Brain to mouth NO FILTER" feedback)


0:14 it starts with psychedelic desperate-like morphed sounds (is that necessary to emphasize the (self-imposed) drama?

0:44 "I do not know what to say" (of course you do) that's why you sing in the first place

0:47 "I do not know what to do" ... those who need to be told "what to do" are already lost ... and the quality of thinking determines the quality of ACTING upon it, if you need confirmation of your self-imposed drama is a waste of time!

0:54 "they coming after ~you~" another vague non-specific generalizing, mind-numbing, paralyzing attitude ... if you are more focused on what is really happening in the here and now (not "maybe", not "if", not "because it happened before drama", not projecting exaggerations on others mentioning the word "~you~"

0:58 "they will stop if they have it all" assuming you know the future, assuming you knowing 100% what makes "them" tick, assuming that "having it" is really satisfying at the end lol

0:50 "they want control of me" ... "they" is a very vague generalizing word ... "control" can only work if you fall for despotism, defeatism, fatalism, feudalism, victim mind-set aka "victim mentality" generates faster victim reality. "me" = "poor me attitude" blocking you accessing higher brain-functions with unlimited potential unlimited creative potential allow yourself to surprise yourself is the KEY to the Universe :)

1:04 "and we are prisoners"... yes if you repeat that often enough, you program your sub-conscience that "we" (another generalizing word) ARE a "prisoners" (victim- mind set) "we" ? ... speak for yourself please!

1:08 "trapped between their worlds" ... "trapped" is another negative NLP mind trick word to victimize you & paralyze you. "their worlds" is another double vague elusive non-tangible concept making yourself feeling hopeless on purpose?

1:12 "we have to break from this cage" ... yes true, but what kind of "cage"? how much of that "cage" is (exaggerated) partly co-created due to a certain slave-attitude or victim attitude or "poor me mentality" ?

1:15 "we have to open our eyes" ... ah the "we" word again, assuming you know 100% sure that others did not do it already playing along to fool the "controllers" ... assuming that "opening our eyes" is not directed to another mind trap!

1:19 "the time for us is for us to stand" ... yes timing is everything, but who decides? the how when to what etc. any so called "uprising" can be hijacked the moment some one acts like a "leader" and followers that have the "need for a leader" this can also be a trap can make it even worse, if you are one of the followers you could always blame the "leader" "what to do" if you screw up!

1:19 "us"? (not again please)

1:22 "we won't give up ... we won't give in", sounds good and it emphasizes on the word "we" again, what about walk the talk and be inspirational be DOING stuff as long as you do not impose or harm anyone, unless in direct self-deference and be 100% responsible for your actions no one else to blame or to hide behind!

When "group-think" kicks in, you have those who can steer or direct actions you normally never did or do (think about that! ...)

1:26 "The Truth Will Set You Free" (with overlapping almost subliminal programming, repeating 1:22)

...Perception of any so called "Truth" is in the Eye of the Beholder ... there are many examples of what I call: "temporary functional truths" serving a purpose a goal an agenda etc. but could be outdated in the near future or even incomplete for a (hidden) reason.

Those who claim to have "The Truth" are most likely not willing to listen to alternatives and become counter-productive/effective!

~by the way, I like the music & performance it is well set-up / produced ... very smart and I am very sure most will like it :)John Kuhles aka EX0MATRlXTV (http://youtube.com/EX0MATRlXTV)