View Full Version : obamas unilateral sanctions an act of war against iran

4th July 2010, 10:46

looks like we are off to the races soon with the arabic hitler barry sotero. This all ties in with bilderberg green lighting an iran attack and webbot seeing language of a continually saw tooth emotional release from july 11th to november 7th.

This puts china and russia in an impossible position as per the anglo saxon mission, global thermo nuclear war anyone? time to dig your shelters me thinks.

4th July 2010, 16:09
Doubt it, we have had the same kinds of sanctions on Cuba for quite some time. No nuclear war yet, almost had one (Cuban Missile Crisis).

4th July 2010, 16:55
They need to bring us to brink of nuclear war..to scare us into crying for a global government.....Whoops new politically correct phrase "World Unity" .

I need to remember that I am an observer and withdraw my consent and energy.