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7th December 2011, 07:58
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg becomes a victim of privacy glitch

December 07, 2011

Zuckerberg's private photos go viral
Facebook security flaw reveals images

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became a victim of his own site's security flaws when a privacy glitch allowed his private photos to be made public.

The photos went viral after US engineer Mike Rundle allegedly discovered a bug in the website's photo reporting tool that allows users to access others' pictures even if they were private.

The photos feature the Facebook CEO at home with girlfriend Priscilla Chan at their $7 million house in Palo Alto.

There's also one of Zuckerberg proudly holding what appears to be a chicken.


Mr Rundle is reported to have been able to look at the private photos by "reporting" a profile picture as "inappropriate" on Facebook. In doing this, a glitch in the site allowed him to see other photos displayed, such as those of Mr Zuckerberg.

A spokesperson for the social network told CNET the error occurred for a short time during a "recent code push" but says "not all content was accessible".

Facebook says they have since fixed the bug.

Mr Rundle posted a link to the images on photo sharing site Imgur.

Mr Rundle claims he read about the security glitch on web forum Hacker News.


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7th December 2011, 08:06
When I read the title of this thread, I laughed out loud and thought, "poetic justice. Love it!"

Having seen the pictures, it's a shame that poetic justice - like real legal justice - are woefully inadequate in his case.

7th December 2011, 08:12

Something smells rotten in the State of Denmark

Nice story .......

Ilie Pandia
7th December 2011, 13:58
Mark Zuckerberg needs to get a better photo camera. Even most phones today take better pictures than that.

And, all of the leaked photos don't really have that "private" feel to them :).

But it's a good example to be careful what you store on other people's servers! Even with the best of intentions, bad things do happen.

7th December 2011, 14:06
I smell a leak too Ilie.