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7th December 2011, 19:16
I remember watching a video with Phillip Schneider and that he mentioned top secret elements not on the Periodic chart. I was wondering why this statement hasn't been followed up on by others for proof the gov has alien technology. Bob Lazar talks about element 115. Can tests be conducted to prove such as what they are doing in Darmstadt creating super heavy elements.




eric charles
7th December 2011, 19:18
ok give me a few moments , from what ive understood Germany has uncovered element 112 to 114 just in the past few years , let me go find a recent periodic table and will post it

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as you can see we are now at Element 118

7th December 2011, 20:27
By viewing at the elements as frequencies, Walter Russell found another way of describing the table of elements. He then "connected the dots" of the then known elements and found that a pattern emerged. At some points, there were spots on the then visible pattern, where there was yet no known element, but there should be one, for the pattern suggested it. Elements had been found at exactly those places in hindsight. You can check it for yourself in his book "The Secret of Light" from 1943.

more graphics out of the book: http://www.flickr.com/photos/esaruoho/sets/72157604222958040/