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11th December 2011, 23:36
Giants inhabit the mountainous interior of the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific.

So says Marius Boirayon www.solomonislandsmysteries.com and he is supported by Duncan Roads, the editor of the well known Nexus Magazine www.nexusmagazine.com . I personally passed through Agnes Water in Queensland this year in an attempt to meet with Marius and interview him for my youtube channel. Unfortunately it did not eventuate. To get some idea of Marius and his character, here he is talking about cures for malaria.

Dean Harrison, the guiding light of Australian Yowie Research www.yowiehunters.com was onto this story a few years ago. He personally met with Marius, and subsequently organised his own ill fated expedition to the Solomon Islands, sans Marius. www.yowiehunters.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1536:solomon-islands-pacific-ocean-2003&catid=105&Itemid=145

Right at this moment Wojtek Bobilewicz, a Polish man, is in the Solomon Islands on a one man expedition to uncover evidence of the giant presence and history. www.solomonexpedition.wordpress.com I had correspondence with him before he left, and if it wasn't for my round Australia trip, would have enjoyed being a part of his expedition. The blog of a supporter of Wotjek's expedition can be found here www.solomongiants.wordpress.com
Here's Wojtek from 10 months ago, talking about his expedition. it's in Polish.
Wotjek is encountering a number of difficulties, one of which is the inherent mistrust of whites after the massacre of Mailaitans as detailed in 'Lightning Meets the West Wind', by Roger M. Keesing. His most recent difficulties are financial in nature. I, personally, am fascinated by the possibility of the existence of giants in the Solomons, and post this for those of you who might find the research 'enticing'.

12th December 2011, 13:58
Thanks for posting Telosian. I remember reading the original article in Nexus and found the information about the 'giants' fascinating as well as the UFO's known locally as dragon snakes and the possibility of underwater bases. I would love to read anything else you can find on the subject. I did a cursory internet search some years ago but it has dropped off my radar since then. In the meantime I will follow up your links though sadly know no Polish.

12th December 2011, 14:06
Interesting, i bookmarked this. thanks T.E.

Robert J. Niewiadomski
12th December 2011, 15:03
Hi, here is english version of Mr. Bobilewicz's web page:

12th December 2011, 15:21
I've heard a rumour of a race known as the "El's", that were in a stasis-like state within the Darling ranges close to Perth. I haven't heard much else about it though other than that. There's also a story I've heard about a quarry in Perth where they tried to mine it, but every time they tried to cut stone from the quarry the blades would get blunted....

Most of this information came from a webpage which I can't seem to find now...

There's other interesting little tidbits about strange discoveries in Australia, Easter Island, et al.. If you look around the net...

12th December 2011, 17:01
The failed expedition was a great read, but I couldn't find part 2. Any idea if they're going back?

12th December 2011, 22:26
@Robert, thanks for the link. Wojtek is certainly an enthusiastic researcher, and is not leaving any stone unturned.

@jcocks, if you can find that webpage, sounds interesting. There are certainly strange discoveries throughout Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the South Pacific. Megaliths and other strange structures throughout the region hint at an ancient culture, perhaps evidence of the former continent of Lemuria.

@divine, I've sent a request to admin to see if they can provide a link to Part Two. From Dean's experiences first time round, I'm guessing he's not going back. Our trained western minds find it very difficult to grapple with the concept that if a Solomon Islander doesn't want you passing over their land, they could simply do you in and that would be the last anyone would ever hear of you. When I was in Vanuatu, which is inhabited by similar islanders, I only paddled my kayak a few hundred metres from Aore resort before locals shouted warnings to me from the shore that I was trespassing on their waters, and to turn back. On the subject of Vanuatu, I asked the staff questions and they told me there was a race of small people in the mountains, and they could take me to them. Similar to the Kakamora of the Solomon Islands, and dare I say it, the Ebu Gogo of Indonesia. www.stevequayle.com/News.alert/04_Unexplained/041206.AU.hobbits.html I had limited time and it did not eventuate, but it is just another piece to the puzzle.

EDIT: A page on the Kakamora- www.wondermondo.com/Countries/Au/Solomon/MakiraUlawa/KakamoraCaves.htm

13th December 2011, 01:32
http://www.wondermondo.com/Images/Oceania/NewCaledonia/North/Petroglyph.jpg Interesting,
I have seen this pattern on Petroglyphs here in the US and in a presentation from a place in Ireland.

13th December 2011, 16:45
Thanks T.E. You're a constant source of fascinating information.

13th December 2011, 16:52
Wouldnīt it be fascinating if they actually make contact with such beings?

In my opinion, itīs more likely that those giants are inter-dimensional beings, that come here through an underground portal.

In my state, here in Brazil, there are several reports about these giant (about 3m high) intra-terrestrial race.



14th December 2011, 01:16
Wouldnīt it be fascinating if they actually make contact with such beings?

In my opinion, itīs more likely that those giants are inter-dimensional beings, that come here trough and underground portal.

In my state, here in Brazil, there are several reports about these giant (about 3m high) intra-terrestrial race.



Raf, there are stories of giants on the Australian mainland, too. Also stories of tiny hairy men, seemingly much like the Kakamora. Your mention of an underground portal correlates with Marius' description of the Solomon Island giants having access to an underground cave system, which is, wait for it.... lit by artificial lighting. A link is assumed between the advanced technologies/underground and underwater bases of the 'dragon snakes', or UFO's and the giants.

It would be fascinating if we could contact them. Could you imagine the impact on the global paradigm if we were to have verifiable and ongoing contact with them? For me, the most intriguing chapter in Marius' book dealt with Luti Mikode, the Chief of the Giants. I'm going to summarise:

Luti's grandmother enjoyed smoking tobacco with a white man's pipe, but she broke it. Luti, at the age of 10, was still only five to six foot tall. He was chosen to go and get a replacement from a white man's ship, but was blackbirded and taken to Australia where he worked on a farm. Eventually, he was granted his freedom, and returned to the Solomon Islands and his giant family in the mountain ranges of central Guadalcanal. He took with him well over one hundred tobacco pipes for his family and giant friends. He educated the giants that the coastal people were not ever to be considered again as meat to be eaten; that they were like themselves, with hearts, minds and feelings. It is stated that Luti had/has meetings with a Bishop in the garden of the Bishop's home in a mountain village. Luti strikes me as highly intelligent and aware of the geopolitical situation in the islands.

I would like to introduce another character to this drama. A being described as: they look like strong homo-sapien men with greenish-brown scaly skin, a long tail like a crocodile and some apparel, who walk upright. The Japanese War Memorial at Mount Austin was: the bronze statue of a half human man with scales, who is holding a ray-gun-style object that is attached to the end of his tail. Memorial long since replaced.

Parts of these passages lifted straight from 'Solomon Islands Mysteries'.

14th December 2011, 14:31
Hey TelosianEmbrace,

I know people who tried to organize expeditions to such caves, but somehow, the authorities always found ways to disrupt them.

In my opinion, the world government is well aware of such underground portals for looong time, and they donīt want anyone messing with this stuff.

Here in my region, they say those giants live and work for the "whites" who are also intra-terrestrial/inter-dimensional beings. The "whites" look just like us, but they are albinos.

I know some people who supposedly had contact with them a few times. Itīs said those beings show no emotions at all and can disappear like smoke whenever they want.

No wonder why the Rockefellers, have bought all the mines in the region, using a Brazilian mine company as a facade...



14th December 2011, 14:50
Endlessly fascinating this wonderful world. Thanks all above!

7th March 2012, 07:16
Just an update. Video by Wojtek and Warren Aston of a supposed giant's grave in Kakara.


I can see no reason at all why the villagers would want to lie about this. As stated, digging up the bones is out of the question. It would go against all their 'kustom'.