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6th July 2010, 19:31
I think its a bit fishy that the whole Polish government were removed , then before the dust settles , the us makes a deal for a missile system .
Just read this on press tv :

Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov says any plans for the deployment of a US missile system in Poland would be 'unjustified.'

Ryabkov said on Tuesday that despite Washington and Warsaw's failure to heed Moscow's concerns, Russia "will continue the dialogue on the subject‏," DPA reported.

He also rejected US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's claims that the missile system is intended to counter an Iranian threat.

"Who are these missiles in Poland supposed to be protecting us from?" asked Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrey Nesterenko.

Russia has been critical of the US missile defense plan, arguing that the system would be a threat to its sovereignty and that it was meant to pacify its ballistic capability.

The remarks came after the US and Poland signed a deal in Warsaw, under which Washington will deploy SM-3 missiles in northern Poland.

6th July 2010, 19:53
I have a feeling the severity of this issue will lead to a feigned diplomatic effort and then some form of aggression.
This might be the set up for stage two for this whole farce.

Go into Mid-East.....9 years pass.....Promise to pull out.....Increase troops......Present a course of action that has been seen by the Russians as an act of aggression for years now......Begin Stage two.

I hope to **** I'm wrong, but man, the government would officially have its head shoved so far up its own sphincter to not realize the implications of that action and the present condition of our nation and military effort.

6th July 2010, 19:56
No coincidence I'm sure that the 10-11 Russian spies were just outed and now there is talk in the press about a resurgence of the cold war. Just a little political ammunition to help this little plan to come into fruition.

6th July 2010, 19:56
MEH! silly silly silly.

Could you post a link to the article por favor

6th July 2010, 19:57
I will repeat this once more
No member of current cabinet was killed in catastrophe, just one nominal member, appointed by president.
In Poland it's the Prime Minister that holds executive power, not president - who is just a "official country representative" (system that Poland shares with many European countries). Please do not repeat that obvious mistake.
Bush administration signed a prep deal to build US "rocket shield facility" in Poland, and long range radar for same system in Czech Republic.
Obama scratched the deal ( on 70-th anniversary of Russian invasion of Poland (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_invasion_of_Poland) no less, congratulations for making informed foreign policy). That move was considered here as a direct affront to loyal ally.
To minimize the hell that broke loose, US decided to deploy a battery of Patriot Missiles in north-eastern Poland, with long term goal of permanent deployment. Still the rockets have their warheads removed, as a gesture of peace toward Russians.

He also rejected US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's claims that the missile system is intended to counter an Iranian threat.
That was an argument for rocket shield (now abandoned) Patriots have no range, and no warheads :P
Somebody is mixing up two different events , spanning last 5 years. So much for quality of information :P

6th July 2010, 20:04
quality information??

a 21st century oxy moron?

Present company (avalon) excluded ofcourse lol

6th July 2010, 20:09
Well if that's the case thank you.

I still wonder though. Once those hit Poland they're probably getting shipped someplace else. Doesn't really matter........ride the wave.