View Full Version : Stepehn Bassest was just on MSNBC

6th July 2010, 21:06
He was on the Dylan Ratigan show and he was calling for disclosure which he believed "was coming soon"

The other man cited the July 16 1952 Capitol Building Flyover along with the one he shot this year over the Washington Monument On the 50th year anniversary surprisingly.

They poked fun, but it was mainly room for the men to talk and attempt to give their point of view.
They showed pictures, Billy Meiers were some of them.
Basset got cut off from his rant of giving examples and proofs that the govt has known since the 40's.
It was the very last segment before Hard Ball with Chris Matthews started

It aired I suppose at 3:00 central time if it is an hour long show and ended at 4.

Oh according to the press only 20% believe the phenonmenon is real.....and that the Paradigm Research group this year starting in january went from 5 to 40 dollars by the end of the quarter.

Basset countered with the the group has raised 20k since 1996 and has spent over 300k since 1996 in this effort

6th July 2010, 21:13
ughhhhhhh, politics