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14th December 2011, 00:01
Does anyone know anything about this man (Dr Scott Mcquate) and his inner circle website, where he claims to have done many years of research and knows the truth about ancient texts..
All his videos on youtube seems interesting, but you'll have to subscribe(pay) to find out anymore..
are there any Avalons on here that are part of his inner circle group?

16th March 2012, 18:00
I've been wondering the same thing.....I've been watching his videos all morning and find them more than interesting...quite provocative actually. It's 19.95 per month to join his "inner circle" and have access to all his books. I've been trying for quite some time to find a copy of his book, Blueprint for Bondage, which now sells on Amazon for almost $600.00, paperback. McQuate says it's no longer in print but can be downloaded for 24.95. Do any fellow Avalonians know anything else about him, or are Inner Circle members? I'm particularly interested in his ideas on "The Reaping".


16th March 2012, 18:28
I watched the 4 part video series (1st part below emailed by James Gilliland).

Very interesting but as I am clueless regarding Hebrew and Sumerian language I cannot verify beyond personal opinion. Was somewhat a turn off at times with the infomercial feel.

I did visit the site but you are correct there is a charge to be a "member" and that was another turn off (if not outright red flag).

Anyway ... worth a lookee for anyone interested.

Any Avalonians know Hebrew???


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Looks like US ran a thread several months ago on this and she was a member at least for a bit.