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21st March 2010, 20:17
A few hours ago Richard Hoagland posted this on his Facebook page:

Richard C. Hoagland Phobos Update: The last 24 hours in the "Phobos Investigation" have been wild. There's NO other word for it! As promised on "Coast," in the last several days I have been quietly turning to several colleagues, to have each of them INDEPENDENTLY computer-process the newly-released ESA images of Phobos. One of them, Keith... Laney, runs a well-known anomaly website -- called "Hidden Mission." At least -- he USED to .... Last night, AGAINST my repeated advice, Keith POSTED one of his new Phobos imaging enhancements. And, IMMEDIATELY, his entire Hidden Mission website was DESTROYED. Toast. The link (below) is to what USED to be "Hidden Mission." Obviously, somebody is sending us ALL a MAJOR "message." Keith ignored my warning ... and he's suffered total elimination of his site because of it! What are "they" afraid of ...? That, we're right ... it IS a "20-mile-long, ancient spaceship!" Stay tuned.
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I'm a member of Keith Laney's Hidden Mission forum - and yep - it's GONE! He went on to say in the replies to the notice that he was going to bed for a while - he'd been up all night - but he is working on a way to post the revelatory pictures without being taken down at Enterprisemission.

His Facebook link is here. (http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/RichardC.Hoagland?ref=mf)

21st March 2010, 20:44
Ok his site is back up but I don't see a 20 mile long ancient spaceship.

21st March 2010, 20:55
The forum appears down however.

21st March 2010, 20:59
The main page of Keith's site has been back up for a while - it's the Hidden Mission forum that is gone. I hope he saved the database recently - there are thousands of good, informative posts there. Or there were . . . I think Keith posted the pictures on the forum - bang! The entire forum is Gone. Click the Hidden Mission Forum link. :jaw:

Daft Ada
21st March 2010, 21:20
Yes I was reading this on his Facebook this morning and I felt a chill run down my back, I thought, well what will happen if he posts them on Enteprise? But I undrestand measures are being put in place that if Enterprises goes down, the pictures will appear on multiple sites around the world :D i can't wait to see them, I am trying not to get excited as I have seen pictures before that had claims like these, and I couldn't see anything in them

Daft Ada
22nd March 2010, 22:48
Here's an interesting picture


22nd March 2010, 23:22
I do find it strange that Keith's forum went down.

Big fan of Richard Hoagland, but I'm afraid to say that despite a lot of continuous work and tremendous effort on his part and his colleagues, Richard hasn't been delivering the goods these last years and has in fact delved deeply into the disinformation, knowingly or unknowingly.

Anyway his latest bombshell here is that Phobos (moon of Mars) is a very ancient space station. My understanding is that his latest processing is of the newest ESA images, which can be found here:

I downloaded a couple of the images, and while I did see a spot a few interesting features, I saw nothing there (as of yet) that could prove the moon Phobos is a space station.

Its really a matter of; would this make big headlines, CNN et al, to the extent Hoagland believes this will make? - my bet would be No.

23rd March 2010, 00:30
Aye well now that Richard Hoagland is Coast 2 Coasts "Science Adviser" he has to constantly come up with new and exciting discovery's all the time.
His track record over the last few years is spotty at best.
I still like Richard though and find him very entertaining.
Coast 2 Coast seems to have changed over the last few years as well, cant put my finger on it but it seems to be more "programming" than discovery.

I love Red Ice & Veritas.

23rd March 2010, 01:57
I bought Richards book ( secrets of Nasa) great book if you get a chance to read it
I really enjoy his work look forward to hearing more about this ancient spaceship
peace Iceman

23rd March 2010, 08:17
I find it really difficult to take Richard Hoagland seriously. I dont think he has any formal scientific training (someone correct me if i'm wrong please), and his huge structures of glass on the moon is, in my view, fanciful at best. I dont like to put anybody down, he seems like a nice man but I think he is trying too hard to conjure something out of nothing.

23rd March 2010, 09:06
1) He's entertaining. 2) Surely some of it is right? ;) I've been disappointed his public output has been significantly reduced for the last three years. "Coming soon" is taking on the same sort of wait as being on a hospital waiting list :)

23rd March 2010, 10:08
More on Phobos to be found here...



24th March 2010, 03:02
swami great find thanks for sharing can't to find more on this