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6th January 2012, 13:58

I tried the search function, yet I didn't see this posted. If this has been posted/discussed before then please forgive my ignorance.

This was the first time I had heard of this documentary. Great stuff. The USA is no stranger to the economic tyranny we call Central Banking. I wish Congress would end this Fed Reserve charter and do their duty- create and control the money supply. My worry is that this has been happening for so long that unless people seek out this info they will never learn that our current monetary system is controlled by the "bad guys".

and here's a little food for chuckle....


6th January 2012, 16:25
A brilliant documentary. Well worth taking the time to watch. Thank you mattymoto for posting this.

Plus the second video was a good laugh. A bit of black humor thrown in there!!:madgrin:

iceni tribe
6th January 2012, 16:46
i like Bill Stills and i used to agree that giving the sovereign country the right to print it's own money is the answer , but their is a but........and that is the problem of double lending explained in money as debt 111 the last part in the trilogy ......sorry i cant find the whole movie ,but you should be able to link on.


iceni tribe
6th January 2012, 16:55
funny thing is the film money as debt 111 is being shown tonight on sky channel 203 at 5.30 tonight.............that keeps happening to me.