View Full Version : Now you see me,now you don't.

6th January 2012, 18:11
Thought i'd post an interesting experience i had a few years ago.

I use to live in a place called hereford (uk).Famous for it's cider and s.a.s.Now,the year was 2006,the world cup was on and i was at home watching an england game.

It was on in the early afternoon and it was a beautiful day,with a few white clouds dotted here and there.I was at home by myself and when it came to half time,i thought,i would sit in the back garden with a beer and catch some rays.

Whilst doing this,i noticed a plane coming across the sky.Normally not a strange thing,but this was a big jumbo jet type plane and clearly not military,and it was flying unusally low for that type of plane in this area.I thought no more about how low it was and continued to watch it fly across the sky.It was going in a clear right to left direction,not climbing up or turning.As i watched,i could see that it was going towards one of the few clouds that was dotted about,it was the type you would find in a cartoon or a child would draw.

I watched it go behind or through the cloud and thought to myself,it will come out the other side in about 4-5seconds.5secs passed then 6,7,8.I watched for about 5mins and nothing.It had just disappeared.Like i said there were only a few clouds about and they were widely spread.I am convienced of what i had seen,and to this day no-one really believes me.

I had recently started reading david icke ect,so had been exposed to the info that tptw have secret tech,and the only logical explanation i could come up with was that it was cloaking technology.