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7th January 2012, 18:46
Returning servicemen (and women) face a stunning array of gratitude after returning to civilian life.

Some are billed for their damaged equipment ... more face a wall of silence when hoping for compensation to combat the many types of injuries suffered.

This poor vet simply learned the hard way just what sort of "freedoms" he was risking his life for ...



West Point Grad, Iraqi War Vet Attacked & Arrested For Photographing Police



West Point graduate and Iraqi war veteran Antonio Buehler appears to discuss his harrowing treatment & arrest on New Year’s Eve in Austin, TX after he simply recorded video of what he considered to be police mistreatment of a woman being arrested at a gas station. Buehler gives his take on why he was arrested for ‘harassment of a public servant’ — a third degree felony after police claimed he was interfering with the DUI suspect already in the process of being arrested. He is currently gathering witnesses of the event– including those who recorded video– to build his case.

Antonio Buehler, 34, was stopping for gas on his way home early Sunday morning when he and his friend heard a woman scream. “We look over, and we see the cop violently yanking the female out of the car,” Buehler told KVUE. As seen on the video — taken by a cell phone from across the street — the woman had her hands pulled straight out behind her back. Buehler said, “It just looked extremely painful.”

Buehler began taking pictures of the scene, which caught the attention of the officers. Officer Oborski approached Buehler and accused him of interfering with the investigation before pushing him into the white truck seen on the video. Buehler was then taken to the BAT (Breath Alcohol Test) bus and asked to take a breathalyzer. Buehler was the designated driver that morning and had not been drinking.

According to APD spokesman, Corp. Anthony Hipolito, it was likely Oborski took Buehler to the BAT bus in order to complete paperwork on the DWI arrest. However, when Hipolito was asked to provide the reason Buehler was requested to take a breathalyzer he responded with, “I don’t know.”


8th January 2012, 03:16

This is unbelievable (not, given what's happening today). More people need to see it.

8th January 2012, 04:21
Thank you for sharing this.

I just watched the movie "The Majestic" and was in tears during the courtroom scene, and its SO appropriate for what is going on today ...


"I think he'd probably say the America represented in this room, is not the America he died defending. I think he'd tell you, your America is bitter, and cruel and small - and I know for a fact his America is big, bigger than you can imagine with a wide open heart, where EVERY PERSON HAS A VOICE."

Antonio Buehler is doing an amazing thing, this message needs to spread far and wide - we all need to stand up, or our voice will never be heard.