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8th January 2012, 17:53
It is often stated: as above so below.

I would like to start this discussion with my view on the power structures of this planet.

I had a stunning realization on a bike ride last summer. I was listening to music enjoying the glory that is the planet. I became really thankful to the Earth for being so awesome. However, I had a realization of how insignificant I am to the planet. Does she even realize my gratitude? I started to think about the cells of my body thanking me for keeping their universe intact. Then the infiniteness went the other direction. Does the sun appreciate the gratitude of the Earth? Does the Galaxy appreciate the Sun's gratitude for keeping organization?

Everything is connected and related. Everything is nested sets of infinity.

Human society is a leviathon. All humans make up a super organism called Humanity. As of now, we divide this being in many different spheres. Nations, religions, awake, etc...

Cancer: is a part of an organism that grows beyond it needs at the expense of the whole organism. This is true from at least the cellular definition of the disease. I concur with Reich about what cancer is, because it is not the tumor doctors try to treat, it is much deeper problem. I do not wish debate this specific part of this treatise, and if one does please read the Cancer Biopathy.

I had a realization the other day when talking with my best friend. The people controlling the game on this planet are a cancer on the leviathon of humanity. This is not a moral judgement, I am using the cellular definition of the cancer at this moment. They grow at the expense of the whole, of humanity and the Earth. If left unchecked the will eventually compromise both beyond repair and we will fail as a species and the planet will be left useless for all other species as well, for at least the short term.

A cancer somewhere is a cancer everywhere.

I feel my point should be clear at this moment. There is no problem with intervention and the "prime directive" because there is no separation between things. Everything is a reflection of the whole, just on a certain scale. A cancer on this planet is a cancer on every planet. It is in the interest of all beings that there be an intervention to stop the cancer on this planet. Let us believe that they want to kill most people on the planet and destroy it maybe to move on in their spaceships. Then the aliens have a problem because it is a wandering cancer.

Off world people could just be waiting for us to sort it out and if we fail and die then they will step in. Maybe.

All previous things aside: the prime directive was broken long ago. To hide behind it now seems cowardly. They have let themselves be documented by government agencies, See Rich Dolan's Work, and shut down nuclear sites( which is intervention).

Either all species interacted with until now are service to self types or some "good" aliens have broken the prime directive already.

Please do not get the impression that this is what I wish for, I mean it would be great, but the power to change the world for the better is already in our hands, we just need to exercise it. Indeed it is already manifesting because of how many things have not occurred. It is easy to focus on the setbacks and ignore the progress. Rarely does one take notice of how pleasant it is to not have an inner ear ache. To notice that one's arm does not hurt when raised. That it does not hurt to breath. When the body, Leviathon, is working properly and heading in the right direction rarely is it noticed, it is just the setbacks that stick in minds. The H1N1 went away and was crushed by awareness.

Obama has proven himself useless, but this is a good thing. We all knew, at least those keen students of history, that he was not what he wanted to think he was. But think about what he has not yet done. Yes Libya was overthrown and Egypt was also turned over, but they were not able to open invade them. They are saber rattling against Iran but still the invasion has not yet occurred.

I am sorry if this was an incoherent ramble I just wanted to share my thoughts on some topics.

I want to leave you with a quote from my favorite band Protest the Hero:

"So its you and and its me and we are up against the fence, control or be controlled by only two percent.
So its you and and its me and we are up against the fence, control or be controlled only we can set us free. "

I love you all for seeking, may you find enlightenment for the sake of all beings.