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percival tyro
9th January 2012, 19:09
My search for historical symbols, some of which are still in use today, are listed here. I haven’t ventured any opinions, just a presentation of a list of affinities and coincidences as I came across them.

The lighted torch is an ancient symbol of the knowledge of the sun and the eternal flame. It is the symbol of the Sun, associated with Lucifer the light bearer, The Babylonian Brotherhood, the Illuminati as well as Isis of Egypt and the Babylonian goddesses Inanna, Ishtar and Semiramis. These are revealed today as the Statue of Liberty, its counterpart on the River Seine in Paris and also the lady torch bearer symbol of Columbia pictures amongst others.

The torch was also an emblem of Diana, the Queen of Heaven and is also the central logo of the state flag of InDIANA, USA.

The lighted flame was carried by runners for the first time in the 1936 Nazi Olympics, an idea devised by Dr Carl Diem. It was his idea that the flame should be lit under the supervision of a high priestess.

The lighted flame on a black pentagram on the Pont de Alma Bridge where Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul were unlawfully killed is an exact replica of the flame held by the Statue of Liberty.

The lighted flame is also associated with oak trees, oak leaves and acorns. Oak groves are especially sacred to the Goddess Diana, who is also the goddess of childbirth - especially the heir in continuity - and protector of the weak. Oaks and acorns are the symbols of the king and queen of May Day and the green man. May Day is the fertility rite of the green man.

When the torch is placed inside a circle it is a symbol of the Sun and used as an lluminati signature after significant assassinations.

• Yitzhak Rabin, first native-born prime minister of Israel. Assassinated 4/11/1995. Eternal flame. Memorial centre built on the site of an 850 year old oak tree
• Martin Luther King. Assassinated 4/4/1968. Eternal flame. Memorial stone decorated with a border of oak leaves and acorns
• John F Kennedy. Assassinated 23/11/1963. Eternal flame. Grave on the site of an 180-year-old oak tree. Masons erected an obelisk in to JFK in Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Dea…..Goddess. Ley ….Ley line.
• Princess Diana. Died 31/8/1997. She is buried on an island surrounded by a grove of trees, on home soil at the Althorpe estate with a commemorative walkway of 36 oak trees to celebrate each year of her life. An urn with the representation of the eternal flame is carved on her memorial.

The new wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, the Duchesse of Cambridge’s new coat of arms, as suggested by her, is a shield of red, white and blue with three leafy acorns and a gold chevron. She said that she chose the oak theme because oaks are common around her family’s Berkshire village of Bucklebury. The gold chevron represents her mother’s maiden name of Goldsmith. The Goldsmiths are close cousins to the Rothschilds.

The UK Conservative party’s logo until 2006 was a lighted torch. It was then replaced by an oak tree.

Other connected significant dates include:
• Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer married on 29/7/1981. A Solar eclipse.
• Prince William was born on 21/6/82. A Solar eclipse.
• Charles and Diana announced their divorce on 9/12/1992. A Lunar ecllpse.
• Diana’s unlawful killing, at Pont de Alma on 31/8/1997, was the day before a Solar eclipse.
• Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles married on 9/8/2005, 24 hours within a Solar eclipse.

Diana, Princess of Wales was of the bloodline of the Royal House of Stewart, as was Mary Queen of Scots and the present British Royal Family, the House of Windsor.

Next lighted torch, 2012 Olympics. WOW!?....