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9th January 2012, 21:04
I have always felt that most people view our relationship to the earth and universe fundamentally wrong. Most feel that they are seperate from the earth and live on the earth. However the truth is that we exist as part of the earth and universe. Just as much as our fingers are part of our hand. Our hand part our arm and our arm part of a greater whole called our body. That being said our bodies can survive without our finger but our finger can not live without our body. So, if we kill the body we are a part of (planet earth) then we will not survive. We must learn a new way and stop the complete and total rape of planet earth. If we do not balance things out then the human race is in for a nasty ride. I know that if my finger developed gain-green I would cut it off in a moment!!!!!!

9th January 2012, 21:30
Thank you for your perception.


9th January 2012, 21:33
You've nailed it.


9th January 2012, 21:39
I was always brought up to think we are all separate, mainly from schooling. I'm still trying to de-program myself from it, I always used to look at someone and the first think I'd think of is "how is this person different from me?" instead of how are they like me.

9th January 2012, 21:45
There is no such thing as an "environment".

9th January 2012, 23:11
What we all must remember is that each of is essential. Each of 14billion yrs old!!!!!!!!!