View Full Version : Did someone try to Kidnap George Noory?

10th January 2012, 16:10
During last night show George told a story of a recent trip he had taken to Mexico.
He was invited to go to Cabo San Lucas, With some friends of his from St.Louis
Georges friends were getting married.

When it came time for George to leave and return home, He was driven to the airport
by a Spanish cab driver who didn't speak English. George said the cab driver took a very
strange route to the airport ( He was going in some really questionable neighborhoods.)
George also said the cab driver was acting very nervous and was talking to someone
on his cell phone the whole trip.

George said all at once the cab he was riding in, Broke down and pulled to the side of the road. He said that the cab driver was visibly shaking. ( nervous )
George said 3 more vehicles pulled up behind his cab. George said he got nervous
so he tried to open his door and the door handle came off.

George reached over to the other side and opened the door and jumped out with his bags At that moment another cab came by so George hailed him and jumped in.
It sounded interesting so I thought I would post it.

10th January 2012, 16:32
That is really strange, yeah I bet it was something like that. No one right now could convince me to go to mexico. And, I would advice everyone else that is possible to stay away from it.

10th January 2012, 16:54
Could. George has lots of stuff on Coast to Coast that expose many people, regions, Illuminati etc...I'm sure lots of people would like to take him out..from the religious to the folks in power.
Seems anyone who speaks the truth are getting death threats "David Wilcox" or attempted kidnappings Mr Noory...
I hope he is alright and continues his show..i really like listening to Coast to Coast.