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10th January 2012, 21:16
Hi all

This is more of a rant/moan more then anything.

Last night, I finished workat 10pm, started my 1/2 hour drive home. Half way home,,, <<BANG>>.
Passenger side front tire decided to say good bye to this world. No worries, I have a spare and tools ( I thought ).

Head in the boot and pulls out the jack, spare wheel and erm,,,,, oh! No brace.

After jumping up and down for 5 mins calling myself all the daft B@@@@@@ds I could, I managed to park where I could leave my injured friend over night, pulled my grab bag and began walking. No mobile, wallet at home, no change in pocket.

It was a 7.5 mile trek back home and although 1 mile into a 3 mile stretch of road, with police cars, ambulances, taxis ( of which none stopped when I hailed them ) and public cars passing me, no one stopped. The 3 mile stretch of road I had to complete had NOTHING ,,, no farms , garages, cats or dogs, it was so in the middle of no where and dark beyond belief.

But no one stopped.

I after 2+ hours I arrived home, more knackered then a knackered thing.

Family was obviously worried, step daughter stayed late just in case she could help. Told all of my adventures that evening, the step daughter enlightened me to the fact that 3 days before, while I was sleeping she had come over to borrow ( you guessed it ) my brace.

So, after doing a nutty dance around my lounge and holding back all temptations to throttle said step daughter, I calmed and went to bed.

It is so strange how we believe we have all things under control, and yet WE DONT...



Tarka the Duck
10th January 2012, 21:20
Wot a night!! So glad it all worked out in the end and you are safe and sound...;)


10th January 2012, 21:23
Yeah I can laugh about it now, even though I still have stiff legs and sore feet.lol


10th January 2012, 21:31
That´s sad indeed, mate. These days, people are so afraid of each other, that even if you´re dying in the middle of nowhere, there are big chances that no one would stop to help. Things are looking pretty bad.

Anyway, I´m glad you´re ok. :)



10th January 2012, 21:34
Thanks for your concerns folks, I am fine and can still march on. Just concerned at the lack of humanity last night. I felt like a lepor...

Ineffable Hitchhiker
10th January 2012, 21:42
But no one stopped.


Your story is one rollercoaster ride.
It made me laugh and almost weep.
How many cars drove past and no one stopped to help?
But in all honesty, how many would? I don´t know...the fear instilled in us, has made us suspect the worst!
Am I the only one? Nope, I bet not.
I lived in a country where you wouldn´t dare stop to ask/speak to a pedestrian and that is a sad reflection on society.
It certainly has made me think about the next time I see someone walking all alone...

Glad you made it and thanks for sharing.

10th January 2012, 21:48
Lots of cars passed me, I did think that if it were me would I have stopped and in truth, I dont know....

10th January 2012, 22:54
Hey there,

You have highlighted a very important topic here, on the current state of the human race and how immersed in fear we all really are.

I can feel into exactly what you are describing, that moment of utter come down, when you realize how messed up a situation you are in and no support from a fellow brother of your race, it's a lesson for the learning.


10th January 2012, 23:00
This makes me remember of the story of a man who died in his work desk, and stood there for days, until his work "mates" found out he was dead, because he was starting to smell bad. I think this happened last year...Thinks are pretty messed up. We need to change urgently.

10th January 2012, 23:23
I think we need to be carefull but also compasionate about things and peoples situations, I dont believe a hoodie would be seen walking between a 3 mile country road in the dark with a torch, do you?.

Sometimes even turning around just to check is a good thing, even for the cops that past me by. Shame on them eh.

10th January 2012, 23:30
I would argue that you should have flagged down a car and asked for a ride.

10th January 2012, 23:47
hahaha you've made me chuckle reminiscing, how many times I've been in that situation.
sounds like you need more practise to turn it around?
when i eventually learnt too i marvelled at how generous people can be. In the end i had to say no to people who offered help because i began to enjoy the insights the walk gave.

10th January 2012, 23:57
(...) cops that past me by (...)

"to protect and serve"