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Elandiel BernElve
12th July 2010, 10:39
Great Avalonians,

Let's talk about one of the most controversial mainstream issues of this time... DRUGS
I am really curious about what you intelligent, awakened and wise people think of it.

I live in the Netherlands where soft drugs are available and legal to use.
And of course harddrugs are illegally available and useable like everywhere, yet still there is a great tolerance towards drug use in general.

To me drugs, when used wisely like they are available in nature, do not pose any threat to a human at all. (read: herbs, weeds, mushrooms and all kinds of natural occuring drugs etc.)
It can be enlightening, it can teach you things, it can intensify thoughts and experiences, it can help you appreciate things on a higher level and it can be plain fun.

When looking in the history of drugs we see it's used by many tribes and cultures as a spiritual lesson or as rites of many kinds.

Harddrugs are chemical, they are unnatural, composed in labs, they are dangerous because it definately DOES affect your health when using it too often, and contrary to softdrugs which can't give you an OD, harddrugs CAN kill you.. the effect is a fake state of happiness and as for harddrugs I wish they wouldn't exist..

Personally I think drugs(soft) are "a bit" comparable with sex: In essence it can be a beautiful thing to enjoy and to enrich your life, an experience you share with someone. Yet in this society both are so abused, so misintepreted and so overused and manipulated that in fact instead of love we get whorehouses, rapes, sexabuse and sextourism; and with drugs, instead of a spiritual trip or enriching experience of some kind we get drugcartels making millions of the back of uninformed and deceived youth, addicted people because they don't understand the meaning of it and murders taking place over some pills.... sick

Everybody talks about BP and Et's and the flu vaccin but what about this...
What should we do about this problem? And does anyone has any confirmed info on PTB's who run drugcartels and actually stimulate this abuse of drugs?


12th July 2010, 15:39
I'd have to agree completely.

Consider this....You make a lot more money treating a disease, instead of curing it..........

Drugs are a tool, and unfortunately they have been made into a recreation.
The gift of hallucinogens is to break people out of this three dimensional, rational, linear frame of mind.
Though it is only a tool and not an answer. When you reach a state within you're being where you know the world and energies opened up through the use of hallucinogens is a full blown reality, then the drugs become uneccessary, and through will, you are able to go and perceive this place with no help from admixtures of different plants. The long term usage of the plants will cause more harm in the long run than they will good.

It's like a key to a door, and you use this key to unlock what was already within in the first place. But the key only works on one door.....the entrance to the otherworld. And from there, vision a hallway with an infinite amount of doors that are all locked. The only way to unlock these is through knowledge and practice within the otherworld. Though the conundrum of this fact is that you will then be perceiving two forms of reality at the exact same instant which requires discipline and energy. In reality you are perceiving an infinite amount within the otherworld, but in our frame of mind the the different accounts within that place all amount to a description of the separate reality and the one we conduct ourselves in our every day lives.

All in all, we have very young kids going out and mentally masturbating constantly. When in actuality they are playing with a very sharp and finicky tool that has only one purpose. I don't think that these are things to be played with, and should be given the utmost respect to the spirit of the organic being you are ingesting and the energy it helps transmit.

The true nature of these plants will never be allowed to be legalized because most humans will not be able to comprehend and handle (physically and mentally) the effects of these plants.
There would have to be regulation which would be another form of institution.
In these cases I am not describing a threshold, euphoric, enlightening, 3 gram mushroom trip...I am speaking about full blown, intense, sorcery, transporting both the energy and physical body into another reality where the physical body can not differentiate between being in that world and this one.

With that being stated.....Don't do drugs hahaha, unless you feel like you have to..........or unless you are practicing with a shaman........or .........just don't do drugs lol The recovery ain't worth it in those cases.

12th July 2010, 17:26
I remember seeing a documentary many years ago where they interviewed a marajuna smuggler. He stated that he did not want to see weed legalized as that would put him out of business.

12th July 2010, 19:17
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