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The One
11th January 2012, 14:38
The award-winning Survivorman follows outdoor enthusiast and survival expert Les Stroud as he is abandoned for a week in a remote location with no supplies no food, no fresh water, and no matches.

While stranded in the middle of nowhere Les must document his experience with his unique one-person camera rig and 50 pounds of camera equipment.

Each new location presents a new set of obstacles for Les with such diverse climates as the Costa Rican rainforest to the Arctic ice floes.

Les Stroud shows you the basics of wilderness survival in a variety of different situations. While he may not cover every possible scenario (he pretty well sticks to what he encounters), Les shows you at least one way to start a fire in each different habit (i.e. each episode) as well as covering major hazards you would face given the time of year and the location.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, this will provide a great deal of entertainment. However, a student of wilderness survival will truly appreciate everything the Survivorman does.

Awesome enjoy :cool:


Go to this link for the rest http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8207CB30AFD69742

11th January 2012, 16:17
I've recently become interested in surviving in Arctic conditions. Something about battling the cold seems spiritually rewarding.


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11th January 2012, 16:29
Thanks The One,
I have been preparing and learning more bush craft lately for WTSHTF...
It's a great way to focus and not feel helpless with all the fear based predictions. I hope more threads will center on preparation and what we can do to evade and survive especially since they signed the Martial Law bill. I haven't been able to find ways to deter thermal detection yet, either body heat or the smoke coming out of the chimmney. It's important in this day and age of technology. And since I'm not gonna go on the FEMA bus... it means being ready at a moments notice.

11th January 2012, 16:39
Yeah I like him and Bear Grylls. That Bear guy is awesome, hes even submitted Mt Everest. This is pretty good, and extreemly dangerous by Bear>

11th January 2012, 19:25
Les is truly amazing. He puts every other survival show(besides Alone in the Wilderness) to shame, he's by himself, if anything happens its on him, he has people on stand by miles away but depending on the conditions and environment and the nature of the problem they may or may not be able to help. Not only is surviving on your own a tricky and complicated task but to record it, from multiple angles and carry around camera gear is truly awesome.

I love survival and being out in the forest, and thinking critically, adapting and what else; If you guys feel the same another amazing show is Alone in the wilderness, it follows a man who moved up to Alaska by himself and built a cabin, built his own tools, forages his own food. There are hours and hours of footage, they recently released Alone in the wilderness part 2 which airs soon, and part 3 sometime next year I believe, as after he died they continued to find more and more footage.


11th January 2012, 20:08
Survival is just an extension of bushcraft in general. Learn how to utilise EVERYTHING in the wild and you'll never feel the need to survive, but live comfortabley. Learn whats edible and poisonious / toxic and you'll always have a meal. Learn how to make fire with no matches and you'll keep warm. Shelter building, cordage making, implements from resources around you. It really isn't very difficult at all. One brilliant site is A-Z of bushcraft. Brilliant clips of very basic instructions. Watch them and then go out and just do it. However, and a BIG BIG however. Always practice in your immediate vicinity. Pick local woods to do these. No point in trecking half way up the mountains to cock it all up and end up being cassivacked out.


11th January 2012, 20:19
I've seen all of these videos, I love this stuff.

Just to add my own contribution, check this out:

A 'reporter' stays with a guy (Heimos) in the Alaska wilderness. It's somewhat a modern version of the "Alone in the Wilderness" documentary that Toad posted.

The guy lives with his wife out in the Alaskan wilderness. No electricity, no running water, nothing. He gets along fine and he isn't some crazy hermit either.

11th January 2012, 20:25
Hey The One, my dear friend! :)

Im also fascinated by all these shows. This, in particular, is one of the best.

Ive watched them all as well! Hehehe! God bless the torrent network, because these days, I dont even have cable anymore and I cant stand the Discovery Channel and its loooong commercials.



11th January 2012, 20:43
A few sites I visit