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The One
11th January 2012, 19:44
The Secretary of State for Transport (Justine Greening) United Kingdom says

I have decided Britain should embark upon the most significant transport infrastructure project since the building of the motorways by supporting the development and delivery of a new national high speed rail network. By following in the footsteps of the 19th century railway pioneers, the Government is signalling its commitment to providing 21st century infrastructure and connections – laying the groundwork for long-term, sustainable economic growth.

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a scheme to deliver hugely enhanced rail capacity and connectivity between Britain’s major conurbations. It is the largest transport infrastructure investment in the UK for a generation, and, with the exception of High Speed 1 (HS1), is the first major new railway line since the Victorian era.

The HS2 Y network will provide direct, high capacity, high speed links between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester, with intermediate stations in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. There will also be direct links to Heathrow Airport and to the Continent via the HS1 line. It will form a foundation for a potentially wider high speed network in years to come.

HS2 will be built in two phases to ensure that the benefits of high speed rail are realised at the earliest possible opportunity. The line from London to the West Midlands and the connection to HS1 are expected to open in 2026, followed, in 2032-33, by the onward legs to Manchester and Leeds and the connection to Heathrow. The capital cost at 2011 prices of building the complete Y network is £32.7 billion. At present values, it will generate benefits of up to £47 billion and fare revenues of up to £34 billion over a 60-year period.

Now there is no new technology being used here and alot of the trains will just be connecting to lines that are already in use especially in the north. I will be 60 when some of its finished (OMG).I am just hoping if our friends above are watching us they wait no longer and unite human kind for the better or are ptb been given an extension mmmmmmmmmmm

11th January 2012, 19:57
It would be real nice if the poxy govmnt would upgrade, seriously, the rest of the rail network, instead of the disgraceful system we have at present.

Tarka the Duck
11th January 2012, 20:21
It would be even nicer if we mere mortals could afford to buy a train ticket...;)

11th January 2012, 20:23
It would be even nicer if we mere mortals could afford to buy a train ticket...;)

hahahahahahaha, yeah, that'd help.

11th January 2012, 21:09
It'll be really good for the economy - I've no doubt that eastern europeans will build the infrastructure, the steel for the track will come from india, and the trains will come from the germans; so everyone's a winner except for the British taxpayer!