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12th January 2012, 03:15
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0quDjlkVvPM&feature=related one of a few vids. He is the author of "The Biology of Belief" and "Spontaneous Evolution". Explains how our brains are wired to make HUGE changes. No ET's, Shadow Beings, Guides, Channelers, needed. Just us. Not that we shouldn't invite all those aforementioned to our party! :canada:

12th January 2012, 03:26
LOVE LOVE LOVE this man.
He was a BIG part of my awakening,
He ABSOLUTELY should have a thread on PA.

A very grounded researcher that builds the "bridge"
between matter and spirit.

This is the video linked above...


12th January 2012, 04:06
I love Dr Lipron too! I have spent hours and hours listening to him! I like the way he takes a concept as simple as "You are what you think." And plows through the nuts and bolts of how and why it affects our personal and collective reality... and our health.

Thank you for posting CdnSirian!

12th January 2012, 15:30
His books are well worth getting. Also like Dr. Joe Dispenza, who gets into the physiological aspects of how we change and create our reality.

12th January 2012, 15:32

is what I'm listening to right now. basic message - "Perception rewrites genes".
How fear tanks the immune system, and lowers intelligence.

And where do the perception filters come from? The media. Fearful reports.

What beliefs are we selecting genes with? "We're toast" or "there is always potential for a better life".

I do understand there are days where we simply forget to choose. Love all the reminders I get here at PA.