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13th January 2012, 16:44
My Generation:

Mine is the generation that chose social networks over talking face to face.
Mine is the generation who values technology over spirituality.
Mine is the generation that believes nature is a nuisance not a necessity.
Mine is the generation who cares for the endangered snow leopard but will kill the house spider in an instant.

My generation chose the religion of celebrity over the lies of the church.
My generation walked blindly into debt under the veil of further education
My generation made music about shooting people over walking through the wrong neighborhood.
My generation fear the variety of life and do not celebrate individual race for being beautiful but wish it was a shade of Grey.

Our generation said no to free energy and yes to faster cars.
Our generation celebrated the body over the mind.
Our generation chose heals over hero's.
Our generation watched main stream media to become informed.

This generation marches blindly into wars, without asking why?
This generation chooses to dumb there senses with suppressant addictions.
This generation confuses love with lust.
This generation no longer looks up at the stars with wonder and awe.

We forgot the genocide of native peoples and religions.
We forgot the dreams we had as children.
We forgot the feeling of grass under our toes.
We forgot how to cry when we are upset.

We remembered the nonsense we was taught in school.
We remembered that there must always be a boogie man under the bed.
We remembered that the government are our friends.
We remembered that all that matters is money.

Every generation forgets its mission to make the world the place it should need to be
Every generation lives for itself
Every generation forgets nature is the cradle of life.
Every generation has an appetite for war.

When each generation makes a mistake, its passed down unto the next, every generation will say "we had no time".
We need an intervention.
I prey to the spirits and the old gods that they help us, the poem above applies to me also brothers and sisters.
But it is my hope that by being on this site and actively seeking the truth will help the next generation or even spur on mine to wake up and see that change must happen for us to be free and live in love not fear.

My upmost love to all, unconditional and always there.

Sean Timberwolf :cool:

13th January 2012, 19:02
Is it you're generation that made these choices or were they raised into it?

Parents no longer have the time to spend with their children because they cannot afford it. Its no longer possible in many many places for a single parent to work and another to stay home, they would loose everything form bills unless both work.

Taking parents out of a child's life at such a young age removes so many important life lessons and learning.

There's also been a change with how children themselves are treated.

No longer are children meant to be inquisitive, misgevious things with a lust for learning, breathing to have fun.
They are expected to be, from the word go, obedient little soldiers, that do everything you say, when you say it, without question. All children are forced down the road of being drugged up because aparently being a child is not allowed anymore. They want the kids to be obedient zombies. People actualy believe that if their child is not well behaved then there is a problem with the child, and not a problem with themselves for not realising this is not the case!

so straight off the bat, you're generation is without guidance, sent to prison (they used to be schools - keywords here are "used to be") then dosed up on zombie drugs.

The void formed from no parents around is filled with technology. This bond with technology is strengthend because its alot easier to be anonymous, and have friends, than it is to make friends face to face.

You're generation is taken by the hand and led single file down a specific path, the results are what you posted.

The generations before you, are greatly responsible for how you're generation has turned out.

13th January 2012, 21:12
Nice poem Sean but its certainly not only your generations problem...

As Tiga just said, it's not all your fault
If you look at your parents they thought it their duty
To shower their offspring with gadgets & booty
To keep you safe from phaediphiles and crime..

The TV and papers reminded us daily.
Of letting our littleones play outside freely
we were told to wrap you all in cottonwool
So we drove you back & forth from school

The chelsea taxi's and schoolruns mean't
Our cute little cherubs got lazy and fat
The schoolfields got sold off to raise extra cash
which only made it harder to get off your ---

The solution was computors with magical games
which stopped the kids from going insane
the trouble is the parents did not understand
the subliminal messages exposed to their clan

The control and manipulation has been going on for years
withever sophisticated software and fears..
So don't blame youselfe for the position we are in
We have been manipulated by experts with a agenda within..

Theres good news at hand for we are starting to awake..
And expose the control and corruption they create
we are on road to awareness i think you'll agree
so keep your head high and exposing their deeds !!

I have not wrote a poem for over 30 years and I can see why ..LOL...

But you get the point...steve

Lost Soul
14th January 2012, 01:39
Actually, man left the Creator's way centuries ago. Don't blame your generation. The younger folks, the indigos and others offer hope for humanity.

14th January 2012, 02:20
We forgot the genocide of native peoples and religions.

Mankind has failed, as a collective.

Only a precipitating event will awaken the collective.

14th January 2012, 02:53
Sean you are a wise soul. Keep looking and keep your heart open. You are most definitely on the right track.

Peace and love to you. You will find what you need to guide you and to help guide others.