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14th January 2012, 01:39
Hello Peace of Mind,

I didnít have to go through many of your posts before that particular one came to my attention. I am quite familiar with the reality of the unbridled power of the government, and it concerns me deeply when I see such passionate statements, as correct as they may be, written, as if metaphorically waving a red flag at a bull( the government). If action of that nature was taken by an inexperienced, but passionate reader, in that area of life, that reader would quickly find themselves powerless to continue the good life. I like to give readers, when such statements are made a balanced reality check. And again, I will repeat, no matter how correct the statements may be, it will not work in a courtroom because the odds are the Judge will not let it work since he will decide what evidence can be submitted. And as you are well aware, the system will first protect itself, before it will even look at anyoneís rights, or what is good and correct. It is just the nature of the beast, as well as human nature, unfortunately. Stay out of court; avoid it the best you can, is sage advice. The courts are corrupt; they donít follow their own laws. They will destroy any person they choose to destroy, especially those waving red flags at the system.

But I congratulate you on your chosen life style. It is how I live, although, I go about my life quietly, and keep my own counsel. I donít wave red flags at bulls. Nor would I ever encourage another to do so, as I have spent more time and money than I could afford helping those who thought that just because they had hard core evidence, just because the law was on their side, just because they were right, just because they were experets, they challenged the system; and the system ate them up.

People need to avoid the system the best they can. They need to live the life they choose, and they need to use common sense in doing so. They need to stay informed, and they need regular reality check on what they are doing as the laws have gotten starkingly invasive. My heart goes out to all those naÔve humans who state so boldly that they have nothing to hide, and actually believing that they are innocent of all the hundred of thousands, perhaps millions of laws, rules and regulations, on the city, state, county, federal level, along with those of all the hundreds of agencies that many are not even aware of, until they innocently invite the wrong person into their affairs, or their home, or volunteer to talk to a cop. One small state can easily produces more then twenty-five thousand or more new laws very year. Do you know them all?

Talk to lawyers, off the record. Talk to cops off the record, they love people who have nothing to hide, so much easier to trap them on purpose or entangle them by an innocent stumble. Thinking one is so innocent has landed many in very vulnerable positions, where accidently stumbled upon infractions snowballed out of control for these people who had nothing to hide. Anyone who believes they have nothing to hide are like a chicken inviting the fox into the henhouse for tea. The problem is people who have nothing to hide, have no idea what they need to be hiding. There isnít a person in America who isnít breaking some law, or regulation several times a day; and the cops and lawyers know this. But so many people, especially the ď I have nothing to hide peopleĒ are just are unaware of this fact until their luck runs out by talking to the fox, or allowing the fox into the hen house, literally, or metaphorically by opening their life to them to be read like a book. Privacy is important for many reasons, but a big reason is to protect you from what you donít know of that which can be used against you. Then again we also have crooked cops who love to plant evidence for whatever reason. Ever hear of being framed. ďWhat you framedĒ? Hey, if you are that naÔve, why wouldnít you be picked to be a patsy if you are such an open book? Yes, the naÔve human. Why are there so many of them?

As far as dying, I love the earth and plan on staying around for a long time. One can fight like the British soldiers of the Revolutionary War, all lined up making easy targets, or one can choose to be cleverer than that, and make more strength for freedom. I love that old saving about the meowing cat catches no mice.

But again, I congratulate you on not getting into debt, not falling for the sweet carrot of a credit card, retaining your independence by paying as you go, and collecting assets instead of debt. That type of living will go a long way in keeping humans free. But why did only a few deny the sweet carrot of the credit card, student loan, online banking, and everything else that made most humans slave and servant to the systems? Why do the majority of humans choose the carrot? And if they are ever lucky or smart enough to live as you do, if they have not learned their lesson, what will make the human smart enough to refuse the sweets carrots again? Most humans are looking for the white knight to make everything better for them. Some canít wait until the financial crash happens, thinking it will free them. And if it does free them, how long will they remain free? Will they suddenly start managing their lives well and make good choices to keep themselves and the next generation free? I doubt it.

The revolutionary founders of America discussed the same issues of human nature. They were sure that what they all fought for, getting a government to acknowledge and secure inalienable rights, will be lost in a blink of an eye because of the sweet carrots offered to the many by the few. Humans always fall for carrots, latter if not sooner. Most humans can either be trapped or bought. History shows that to be true. How many humans on this forum can look in the mirror and honestly say that they live as you do? Or that they have learned their lessons, and if we ever get freedom back, that they will take daily action, and make choices to keep freedom their life style. But they wonít, because history always shows they donít. The founders of America feared that America, like all republics, will only be as strong as its people. Did they have faith that suddenly human nature would change and have a different outcome than all the past had? I read that a republicís greatest strength was its people, but people were also its greatest weakness.

Many humans today, may think saying ďI love youĒ to everyone that they donít even know is going to change the basic nature of humans? It wonít. Only managing oneís life well by making good choices will help create a life that can be free. The American founders thought peopleís selfishness, their ambitions for power on at all costs, their avarice, and greed, their vanity, their laziness, their choice of not to think, but to follow the carrots would lead to the destruction of America as a Republic, and it did. Adams questioned. ďwhether there is public virtue enough to support a republic.Ē

The American founders gave us an honest monetary system. They worked with a concrete definition of what a dollar was to keep commerce honest. Yet, who in America today live by the principlesí of honest money, the best they can under a fiat system? Americans were not even able to keep the honest monetary system gifted to them, and sadly so many didnít even know when the monetary switch was made. What choices did most Americans make, and continue to make by choosing credit cards, personal checks, debit cards, online banking etc etc? How will Americans make better choices now and in the future so that they can support freedom and the Republic? These are questions that humans will not answer. They will rationalize why they were forced into taking the carrots and make empty promises that when the crash comes, or if some white knight comes along and saves them, they all will make better choices, just like the perpetual dieter needing to lose thirty pounds makes the resolution on every News Years day to lose weight. How do you change human nature?

But these fears of human natureís inability to keep their freedom, and not succumbing to the sweets carrots of entrapment, were not just discussed by the American founders, they were discussed by Aristole, who thought that the only hope for a republic was with agrarian people, because working the land of hard assets kept them more honest, then the world of commerce where a slight of hand was behind every transaction. It has been observed throughtout the ages that as a nation becomes more corrupt the more masters appear to control the masses. And how controlled are we, that we have no privacy to the point that they can feel up our genitals when we travel?

And who are the masters of today: homeland security, TSA, IRS, etc etc? A truly free society would never have given birth to those masters. Thomas Jefferson believed that only farmers should be elected to Congress because they were a true representative of the interest of the American people, not the bankers or false commercial interests.

He also believed that as long as a human had a piece of land to produce something on, that human would be free, and beholding to no one, as long as that human didnít hold a mortgage. He wrote that ď The bank, was invented for the purpose of corruptionĒ At least the ones based on the ďrottenĒ British model?

Yet, society is enslaved by the banks using fraudulent practices that the majority of humans just accept to set up their own entrapment. It is nothing new that banks are corrupt by nature, especially when a fiat monetary system is allowed to function. And yet who on this forum has not supported or continues to support the beast of the banking system? And so many will respond but I canít function withot the bankÖÖ..and so you entrapped yourself by eating the carrots they offered. You can only blame yourself for that. But human nature is lazy and greedy they didnít have to offer much to entrap you did they?

If solutions are to be had on this forum, than human nature would have changed. It hasnít changed in thousands of years. Most humans will not take responsibility. Most Humans will not manage their lives well. Most humans are greedy and have a price. Most humans do not live by basic morals to keep themselves free. Most humans will always take the carrot. They did so two thousand years ago. They do it today, and they will do it two thousand years from now. To the few who live with the basic principles of honest money. To those who have been clever enough, and ethical enough to say no to the sweet carrots, to those who do not have to work long hours and give the majority of their pay to the bank, the insurance company and the many monthly payments that most humans agreed to, what was it in your thinking, your perspective that allowed you to stay free while so many choose enslavement by not thinking or for convenience?

I have no solution for people being human. They were born with the mantle of human nature. Were they designed to have their greed and laziness always keep them in check to enslavement? Human nature chooses entertainment over work, gossip over intellectual or productive discussions, fantasy over reality, and the when push comes to shove, greed instead of doing what is right.

What solution is there, that hasnít been written about for the last twenty years or more? Why do humans read the solutions but take no action in managing their lives towards freedom? Humans know what they have to do. But they choose not to do it. The system is going to crash, and it will be the survival of the fittest. And society will restart, and it may start at a level playing field, but human nature cannot support the virtue of freedom or a level playing field, they are innately designed to make choices to be slaves.

Of course, that is my humble opinion, along with the opinions of many others throughout history. What is my solution to this problem of human nature? Look in the mirror and strive to be a better person by making choices that do not entrap you. and if you a generous heart, does not entrap the next generation.

But human nature will not be discussed as the bottom line of the problem. Because humanís, in my opinion will want an easier solution to the mess they all contributed to.

The only hope we have for the good life for all is the next generation. But how can the present generation teach the next generation that which they themselves do not know, or understand? When the majority of people do not understand the fundamentals of what makes them free, it doesnít look too good for the next generation. Let us hope Ron Paul wins. But even if he wins, can and will America be virtuous enough to support him?


Mr. Davis

14th January 2012, 02:07
Great stuff! What a treatise!

Meezam looking in ze mirror ok?


14th January 2012, 03:09
You described me perfectly...oh my, I am a sheeple and pretty satisfied with it. The best I hope for myself and my progeny is that human nature will change. We don't have generations of assets at risk...which has always been a dubious advantage for me.

14th January 2012, 14:27
Hello aranuk,,

Thank you.


Mr. Davis