View Full Version : Dutchsince! EARTHQUAKE ALERT -- 6.6M, 6.6M, 6.7M, 6.7M, and a 6.2M FIVE IN A ROW !

Unified Serenity
15th January 2012, 20:20
Are we about to have an event? We need to watch the weather and the general news right now, something might happen soon to create massive chaos disrupting the elections etc..... South Carolina also had a small swarm happen, so let's be prepared, have some supplies and water treatment options just in case.


Unified Serenity
15th January 2012, 20:27
Interesting possible HAARP activity east coast:


15th January 2012, 20:44
Personally I think this is all just natural stuff going on for the planet. I wouldn't be so quick to just toss this off to being related to HAARP / Tesla Earthquake Machine. This has been predicted by many of the ancient cultures in their text etc.

15th January 2012, 21:04
Hmm, I thought Dutch shut down for good a few weeks ago. Good to see he's still around; my best wishes to those involved if a larger quake hits.

15th January 2012, 22:06
Dutch didn't indicate any HAARP activity in that area, so I'm assuming they are natural events.

As I recall large earthquakes around either pole have more potential to throw the Earth off kilter. These weren't that big (in terms of the one in Chili, I think a 9.2 which effected our wobble). On the other hand, the number of them in succession could have effect. In any case, a huge adjustment like that would mean adjustments elsewhere on our planet.

As a reminder, IMO any time the earth makes a big shift (which means it's releasing a block) also allows humanity to make a big shift. Go Humanity!