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15th January 2012, 20:38
This is the kind of thing that I do, at times....with respect to bringing the mental state and then the reality we seek --into existence.

this is about the psychological tactics of complex human communication. body language, social grouping, wording etc. Both the conscious and unconscious components of our communications with one another.

Getting people to 'turn - and face the change'. That.... is literally 'where the rubber meets the road', as they say.

I'll start the discussion. The thread is specifically not about the negative things 'they' do, it is about the positive things that YOU can do. If you wish to discuss the negative things that 'they' do, you must try and propose a realistic solution to that tactic of theirs. A tactic (as rebuttal and retort) that is universal at the base psychology level. Those are the only methods that really work, in my experience.

Coming into this thread with a chip on your shoulder about what someone or some group is doing to make a mess and keep people ignorant, well that 's a rant..... and has no place in this thread. So..please.... don't. OK?

For example, if one puts a political support sign on their front yard, all one is doing is being a monkey that is pounding their chest and stating one's position and ground (personal space). Which amounts to just about nothing.... when it comes to helping people change themselves.


Lifted from another thread:

Our talking among ourselves is not the big problem for the folks who like to think they are in control. the problem for them comes when you wander out into the realms of the great unwashed..and start informing THEM... in simple clear unadulterated ways.

Do it with zero emotion and rancor..and do it as if it is established fact and reality....and that you are operating within those parameters. Make the great unwashed feel as if the ignorance is in their court (by not recognizing their ignorance, they should have none, you see?)..and that they have somehow lost track of the way things are done in their world.

Put them on the defensive, and off balance so they look at what you say and do as if it is a childhood like thing that they have to learn. Like those first few days in kindergarten and daycare, trigger their inherent wiring need to get along and into the flow of the herd. Be the herd 'normal' component, in their presence.

That's how I get them to look and learn. treat the situation as if...everybody knows (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEQldSi-heE).

Through this sort of method, one can begin to change the numbers (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xAJVri2a1U). Never engage them in argument. Speak as if your world is the normal world and they are the confused ones. Act as if you are literally, deeply surprised.... that their position and understandings are 'not normal'.

This..confuses them and puts them into that childhood 'learn to mimic and fit in' mode. specifically.. Do it without emotion or any underlying tension, at all. You'll have to practice this and some of it will go awry, but sooner or later some good tactics and methods will emerge.

My point is that you cannot do this for them, you cannot allow them to externalize the issue, they must bring it into themselves. They have to pull the question into themselves. The slightest tinge of anger in any component of your actions and speech..will ruin this. Be plain, as if it is only 'normal talk'.

This is the kind of base psychological stance required (that can be projected) to bring the 100th monkey effect into existence.

15th January 2012, 21:08
Good points :)

"I'm sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning/wise as snakes but as innocent/gentle as doves."

PS: Apart from the all the other methods and avenues of contribution to the bigger picture, putting up a Ron Paul sign is not a bad thing imho, some paralyzed or uninformed might just be triggered to do some research, when he just sees enough of them.

15th January 2012, 21:09
Right. Good idea.
Chose a third world country, one that has a decent public transport system.
Don't get a car as that would only isolate you from the natives.
Chose one where they speak a language you understand.
Your biggest expense will be your rent ($300, or thereabouts) plus your Internet connection. Your food should be cheap if you stay away from imported goods and shop only in the farmers markets like the locals.
Remember the locals can feed a whole family on less than $400 a month....
If you live near a post office you can become a trader...buy second hand stuff online and sell on your front porch garage
sale style. That will get you to connect with loads of people.
Belize is one such place.
Anywhere in Central America, but knowlege of Spanish would be a must.
You'd be surprised how much people already know about alternative subjects...just need a few more details.
In the end you might find you can learn even more than you wanted to teach.
The poor are artists at survival.