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16th January 2012, 12:18
At a very early age (can't remember exactly), I found that adults, including schoolteachers, were telling us children FICTIONAL stories for our "entertainment".

My first thought was "WHY ?". - There I was, a young child, struggling to understand the complexities of the world all around me (FACTs), and the adults were making it more complicated by telling us stories which weren't true (FICTION).

As I got older, I became used to the situation, and throughout my early adult life, like most people, I even found these stories "entertaining" to an extent.

However, as I got older (and hopefully wiser), the question "WHY ?" returned.

The reason "ENTERTAINMENT" doesn't cut it any more.

I can get all the entertainment I want from the beauty all around - PLANTS, TREES, ANIMALS, BIRDS, MUSIC, SCENERY, and more......

Begs the question, - Do we need this kind of "entertainment" ?

What are your views ?

16th January 2012, 12:45
I recognize this as well. False education creates a lot of frustration and unnecessary waste of effort, not to mention the loss of exponential progress in life. Often i wonder what levels of consiousness and success i would have reached if we weren't so incredibly slowed down by this systematic degradation. It is of course hard to believe that this isn't a planned and coordinated strategy made up by the service to self power elite of the world.

16th January 2012, 13:05
Entertainment and fake fearful news are to keep us distracted and in a form of panic mode that makes clear thinking almost impossible. The intent to fill our waking hours with distraction rather than reflection is both purposeful and harmful. Awareness is the only remedy at the moment.

16th January 2012, 13:18
The illusion is dissolving worldwide, false teachings and those responsible will be addressed appropriately. It is now at a personal level that all be aware of this misdeed. We must re-educate ourselves to the real historical facts and break the bonds of corrupt control over our minds. Evil exist only because good people allow it by doing nothing about it. Any solution will come from within and such remedies will be positive for our souls. For the future to be full of light for us, it is in the now that we must show our true spiritual values of self awareness. IMHO

16th January 2012, 14:44
It used to annoy my father immensely that I would ask after every movie we ever watched "was that a true story?"
That was back in the early 60's..............I'm still the same with everything I watch or read ;)
Still choose non-fiction on any day :-)
Such is the mind of a born truth seeker.

16th January 2012, 15:50
I always enjoy the fictional stories that gave factual/practical information,...like Aesops Fables. Growing up I used fiction to escape the harshness and disappointment of my childhood.

Tarka the Duck
16th January 2012, 16:53
Children's hunger for stories is unending and universal.
Actually, people of every age love being told a story!
Why do you think that is? There is a lot more going on than "just entertainment".

All people have a basic need to share stories. Stories organize experiences and record important happenings.
Our lives are our unique story, being written and rewritten constantly, and most people are only too ready to tell you their story- and it won't just come out as a list of “facts”!

Stories have been told – to children and adults – from time immemorial, for a whole range of reasons.
One of these would be to make sense of collective experiences, eg death, marriage, hunting for food etc.
There is an oral history and sense of community with shared stories: think of the rapport that takes place as a grandparent and young child share the common knowledge of a traditional story... because stories have been handed down through generations, they hold the heart of the people who have shared them.

Storytelling is regarded by some as one of the oldest of the healing arts, helping people to come to terms with experiences such as bereavement.

If “facts” are presented in story form, I'm pretty sure that everyone would find it easier to remember them.
Stories give context and meaning to what would otherwise be just a list of forgettable facts.

What would the world be like without imagination? Without creativity?
Imagination plays such an important role in understanding reality!
Imagination is necessary for learning about people and events we don’t directly experience, such as history or events on the other side of the world.
They can touch the heart.
It's what empathy is all about – imagining ourself in someone else's shoes.

Stories can change social attitudes - think of "Cry the Beloved Country" and "To Kill a Mockingbird".

I could go on...but I won't!
But one thing I am sure of...storytelling is not “just entertainment”...and that's a “fact”!


PS and they're fun...;)

16th January 2012, 17:52
The danger with this talk is that we get all Oliver cromwell and hardcore Sharia.

I love to be entertained!

One of the roles of the shaman in the tribe is the storyteller
Hermes the communicator god was the master storyteller, he is often the image of the magician in Tarot.

18th January 2012, 13:44
THANK YOU all contributors for your views.

Everbody sees things from their own perspective.

I believe DISCERNMENT is the most important thing to keep in mind. It's particularly true for the important subjects we study in the alternative (non - mainstream) community such as here.

David Trd1
18th January 2012, 14:02
I agree with Modwiz.

Modern ''entertainment'' is a distraction designed to unfocus us and funnel our thoughts,expression and intention into reinforcing and therefore manifesting the desired paradigm for the PTW.