View Full Version : Genetically modified mosquitoes future release in US for the first time

Limor Wolf
16th January 2012, 17:08
"To those of you who have been eager to hear the latest news concerning the potential release of genetically modified mosquitoes – here it is. It turns out that the genetically modified mosquitoes could be released into the U.S. environment as early as January of 2012. A private firm plans to initiate the release of the GE mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. Florida will be the first beta testing grounds to determine whether or not the mosquitoes lead to detrimental environmental and genetic impact. Residents in this area will also be subjected — without choice — to these genetically manipulated insects, unless the private firm decides to seek permission."

Man can not defeat nature or intervene with the creation of the divine...if it will attempt to do so,it will be Nature that will have the last word! Oh,the arrogance of the elite..!

Besides the obvious wich is the attack on the health of people in the Florida area and probably much further (and who knows what is the real purpose of this monstrous plan..)
experiments like this Raises some important ethical questions,and it bears the memory of the continent of Atlantis wich its then elites were engaging with the genetic modofication of many creatures what evantually led to the loss of the spiritually advanced empire.
Our past.
is it our future?

Hopefully,judging by the widespread opposition of genetically modified foods (http://naturalsociety.com/gmo-crops-continually-banned-around-world-health-freedom/), it is likely that this experiment won’t turn into a reality without a fight.


One more thing -

has Bil Gates got anything to do with it?


Lost Soul
17th January 2012, 03:48
The only good modification to skeeters is to make their offspring sterile.