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The One
16th January 2012, 22:55
Anima from Dominoes Falling Productions, is a feature length documentary using a collaboration of various material.

The film examines our relationships with ourselves, others and the environment around us.

Other themes include our creativity and our power as individuals and as a collective to manifest our own reality.

anima The Latin translation of the Greek word psyche.

1. The inner self of an individual (soul); a relationship with that which is greater than self.

2. Expressions of the unconscious or true inner self of an individual (Carl Jungs school of analytical psychology).

For those who are not intersted in this dont watch its a long one.For those who are interested get a brew or beer and enjoy xxxxxxxx


16th January 2012, 23:35
Will watch ... thank you!

17th January 2012, 05:32
real good stuff in there. thank you : )

17th January 2012, 15:48
This video presents what you must do to accept your individuality in our universe.