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17th January 2012, 18:20
Ask Mitt anything
and get two different answers
Of course, politicians have every right to change their minds. An inflexible attitude is not always the sign of an effective leader. But too many flips without enough explanation may give voters pause. In Romney’s case, many of his moves have been from the left — when he was governor of Massachusetts — to the right, as he has run for the Republican presidential nomination.


Just passing the message along :scared:

17th January 2012, 19:32
Could someone please explain the A in the Ron Paul campaign logo at 8min12: it reminds me of something I've seen somewhere, possibly to do with NASA?

17th January 2012, 19:49
Excellent video, as the establishment obviously chose Romney as their guy as the next president.
This video is a great tool for helping to make this not happen.
But then again there'd be voting fraud quite possibly.
However, fighting and standing up is winning.

17th January 2012, 20:40
Could someone please explain the A in the Ron Paul campaign logo at 8min12: it reminds me of something I've seen somewhere, possibly to do with NASA?
Its a patriot banner
http://www.patriotsfanshop.com/images/products/fullimages/423_New_England_Patriots_Reflective_Decal.jpg http://talkingpointsmemo.com/assets_c/2011/12/Ron%20Paul-cropped-proto-custom_28.jpg
worm hole >>http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/188302352/nasalogo_twitter.jpg unlike the nasa orion or whatever it stands for The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) logo has three main official designs, although the one with stylized red curved text (the "worm") has been retired from official use since 1992. The three logos include the NASA insignia (also known as the "meatball"), the NASA logotype (also known as the "worm"), and the NASA seal.[1][2][3]

The NASA seal was approved by President Eisenhower in 1959, and slighty modified by John F. Kennedy in 1961

18th January 2012, 03:01
December 9, 2010 - The White Hats Report #4 - For Whom The Bell Tolls? Bush Sr and Mitt Romney

Putting the PTB on notice:

Knowing every move is being tracked, and yet again their accounts are compromised, instead of paying Falcone what is due, long overdue, George Bush Senior now again plays games with his Bermuda, Turks and Caicos accounts holding money he robbed and defrauded from Falcone and others.

Moving it is Money Laundering! Banks receiving it are open to Money Laundering charges. So are their staffs. Capone, a cheap Chicago hood, was brought down with Simple Tax Evasion.

Whatever it takes. Romney has dreams of the Oval Office supported by Senior’s patronage. His pay offs linked with Michael Herzog will be his own Achilles heel. He accepts Senior as his Mentor. His ticket to ride. Neither understand, in this High Tech world, wherever they move it to, we can and will track it. Every dollar leaves footprints and skid marks!

Every move we watch and trace. Prosecution evidence is mounting. It amazes us the Campaign boys in Utah have not woken up to the full consequences ——of Romney getting busted!


Watch this space. Every criminal makes a move too far. GREED and ARROGANCE brings them all down. The BOUGHT AND PAID FOR Regulators are turning. Exposure is their new reality. We have On Record Confessions and Plea Bargains requested. Evidence to name and shame. We have Bank Records and know every move they make. Money talks! And so do Bank staff. Agency staff will not do time for Senior or Romney! And true to form, when thieves fall out, Herzog has threatened if he has to pay back; he will expose all Senior and Romney’s deals in retribution. Israelis like scorned Leprechauns with their pot of stolen Gold! Wake up Utah. His reputation is disappearing as fast as Smith’s Gold Plates!

Can you all smell it in the air? Trouble IS coming

Friday, April 8, 2011April 8, 2011 – The White Hats Report #18
Soros, Obama and the rest of the cabal about to be Trumped?

Soros – Bretton Woods Conference

George Soros is holding his international conference this weekend, April 8th to April 11th at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Of the many who were invited none of the true US and World Financial Experts will be attending. Bretton Woods is the historic site of the 1944 conference, which established the post-World War II international financial system. Soros is spending $50 million dollars at Bretton Woods to bring together up to 200 academic, business and government policy leaders (some from outside the US) to introduce to his Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). This meeting was not recognized by the original Bretton Woods Council. Soros' goal in association with a concurrent meeting of the Tri-Lateral Commission, in DC this weekend, is to dismantle our economy, dismiss the head of our current banks and create a new global financial system sabotaging our US currency.

The attendees at this conference include three members of the Rothschild family along with their primary banker, four members of the British parliament, Paul Volcker, Harry Reid, Mitt Romney, David Dewhurst, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and some World Bank executives.

Could Donald Trump expose Soros’ and Obama's most resent Systematic Corruption to Americans?

Soros-Obama have signed a $2 Billion loan to a Brazilian Oil Exploration company, the world’s 8th largest, to explore off the Brazilian coast. What gives Obama the authority to make such a deal for America or himself? The entire production of this venture is destined exclusively for China! We get NOTHING! Who is the largest Shareholder in this Brazilian company? George Soros, a major financial backer to Barry Soetoro (aka) Obama. How much money is Obama personally receiving from this deal?

Obama has many problems to explain which could affect his reelection campaign as well as Mitt Romney's. Romney has a real Achilles heel. His associations with Michael Herzog, Bush Senior, the CIA and many others in the theft of Edward Falcone's funds will be impossible to hide and impossible to explain. Romney faces probable indictment, which could bring him and all his sordid team down.

With Donald Trump's new investigations proceeding into Obama's citizenship issue, will this, in one fell swoop, remove Bush Senior’s powerful grip over Obama by diminishing the affect of his holding the certified copy of Obama's Kenyan Birth Certificate? What will happen when Trump starts investigating and tracking Obama's offshore bank accounts? What will happen when Trump starts investigating Mitt Romney's Achilles Heel? In one combined sweep, Trump could take out both contestants and begin cleaning up America!

This will be a bad month for Obama, Soros, Romney and Bush if such truth comes out. Exposure is their greatest fear. Make your voices heard!

October 27, 2011 – White Hats Report #31

Posted By: watcher51445
Date: Thursday, 27-Oct-2011 04:48:05
October 27, 2011 – White Hats Report #31

BUSH SR. - THE "KING" IS LOSING HIS MIND – How can a Stage Two Alzheimer Patient continue to terrorize American and World Leaders!?

America is in grave danger by Washington Autocracy who have continued to fail to address the criminal actions of Bush Senior's Dark Cabal who are in collusion with renegade bankers to destroy not only America's, but the entire World's financial system. America is not immune to the collateral damage from other countries, because our financial systems and currencies have become homogeneous and interdependent. An unchecked system has allowed the greed, self interest, and criminal activities of a few to prosper while the rest of the world collapses. JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Citibank and Wall Street stand ready to fall, as they are cross invested in the European Union with substantial loans and trading portfolios. America is in a free-fall led by a clueless President who is involved in vast criminal manipulations, a puppet on a string controlled by Bush Senior's Cabal and George Soros.

As the global financial system spirals faster and faster to a bankrupt state, Bush Senior and Obama plan for their next move. Obama is preparing for his exit as a failed one term President, with Senior allowing him to spend more time congregating his stolen offshore bank funds, which we last reported exceeded 11 Billion Dollars. He has degradated America with the ultimate scam. And a long time ago Bush Senior started to make plans for his escape. Hence, the Bush family, Soros and cohorts over the last several weeks have been flying in mass equipment and assets to their heavily fortified 100,000 plus acre Paraguay Ranches. As the World's major financial system collapses, their plan is to take all their stolen assets and escape to the old Nazi Safe Haven immune from extradition. The Paraguayan newspapers have already announced the future arrival of the Bush family. Our justice system is neutered to stop and apprehend them. The world looks at America aghast with disbelief.

By the end of next week investigators will have completed a comprehensive report on Bush Senior, exposing the location of his stolen global banking funds. Upon completion we will also detail an expose of Obama’s fraudulent funds. Furthermore, this information will be made available to the proper global authorities for future criminal investigations.

As the G20 countries struggle for a global financial solution, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Nicholas Sarkozy now realize their own survival is being threatened and entrapped with the sinking ship. They see the demise of Bush Senior’s power and the disintegration of the old Cabal. Although they both understand that Bush Senior’s Dark Cabal still has some power, the encroaching reality that Bush Senior has entered the second phase of dementia is now perceived that it is time to review Geo Political loyalties. Simply stated, “The King is losing his mind,” but make no mistake that even now Senior is still calling all the shots. Obama, Geithner, Bush Junior, the Clintons and other of the co-conspirators are still moving to the will of the puppet master.

As an example of Bush Senior’s control, as we have viewed from recent European Union events, we are very concerned that the present actions of Chancellor Merkel may possibly reveal that Bush Senior or his co-conspirators may be bribing or threatening Merkel if she does not prevent or derail by any means a solution to the European financial crisis. Remember the Cabal's new world order can only succeed with the failure of the global financial system.

Even though Bush Senior maintains control over some of the political powers, we are seeing signs of his collapse. We have reported that Josef Ackermann played a focal role in conjunction with Bush Senior, but due to Josef Ackermann's clear criminal exposure and visibility via the White Hats, the Bilderbergs have now severed their relationship with Ackermann in hopes of preventing criminal activities encroaching on them. Ackermann's wheels are coming off. Dr. Michael Herzog has threatened to tell all when he is arraigned over the Falcone fraud executed by Ackermann, Mitt Romney, Bush Senior and other co-conspirator’s associates. We can now report from further investigation that Bush Senior, Mitt Romney and Josef Ackermann made approximately 3 Billion Dollars together with their criminal partners Dr. Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette stealing from Edward Falcone. The CIA was also a recipient of Falcone’s stolen funds. Ben Bernanke tracked this transaction following Falcone's stolen funds, but later took no action due to pressure from Bush Senior. How will the new CIA director, an honorable man and true patriot, react to this?

Now that we see signs of the collapse of the Dark Cabal, a demented King slowly losing his mind to Stage Two Alzheimers and a President perceived by the world as greatly inept with his moral authority lost and his moral compass destroyed, the World is ready for a financial and political reset. We have reported that money exists via the World Global Settlements and lawful obligations by the United States Treasury to patriotic individuals which would more than suffice to regenerate the World Global economies.

The United States Treasury and Federal Reserve have been offered a simple and fast way out of our dilemma:
Return the long overdue funds rightfully owed to patriotic Americans.
Release the World Global Settlements.
Repay what was stolen from Tropos Capital and all other missing funds.
The Federal tax revenue alone will eliminate our national debt. This responsible action will immediately channel major US humanitarian and global infrastructure projects. This will immediately help resolve the Euro financial dilemma, create millions of jobs through industrial projects and new technologies, while building a new foundation that will not only benefit America, but financially stabilize the World.

Edward Falcone is another American Investor ruthlessly betrayed in a Bush Senior fraudulent transaction. Falcone has planned substantial construction investment projects to develop and aid communities in Florida and other US states, which would create jobs and income security for Americans. Via an audit review, over 800 Billion Dollars has been created by inter-Bank compound trading with Falcone’s stolen funds. Based on Falcone's stolen funds, the British Tax Authority may have missed 160 Billion (US Dollars) in tax revenue. This does not include all the other transactions that could possibly run into the trillions of dollars in tax revenue owed to the British Government. The largest beneficiary of these funds was the CIA, and secondly Bush Senior, whose accounts we are presently tracking. Instead of Falcone's earned capital going as planned to help America, it has triggered theft and bribery of corrupt Politicians.

Remember, we reported a Two Hundred Million Dollar bribe taken by Vice President Joe Biden, offered by Hillary Clinton, acting for Bush Senior. Of the 3 Billion dollars reported above, Mitt Romney alone, acting with Bush Senior was paid over $1 Billion to front for Bush Senior. This money was stolen from Falcone’s program. Falcone and his associates have already communicated with key Republican Senators and their plan to remove Romney as a Presidential candidate by filing a Federal lawsuit against Romney, Bush Senior and his associates. Falcone is using the same strategy now as he did when Romney was a Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. Just when he is most vulnerable and a likely candidate, Falcone will share the incriminating evidence and have Romney removed. The White Hats will make sure that all opposition parties are aware of the details of Romney's corruption. Romney cannot be allowed to be elected as yet another corrupt and bribe-taking United States President.

This whole saga of Political and Banking corruption was predicated upon large scale use of London Banking, operating via nominee and hidden offshore accounts. Trillions of dollars have been traded in a series of bank programs making a total mockery of the humanitarian intent of these programs. Political entities and persons in high level positions have been bought off. Even the Bank of England itself is implicated in the Falcone affair along with Barclays, Deutsche Bank and HSBC Bank.

This corrupt practice has now been exposed to the House of Lords and the Parliamentary Audit Committee under Margaret Hodge. While pressures and roadblocks will be imposed to delay investigations, once this gets into the hands of the opposition MP’s, Unions and media, exposure will create a Tsunami of redress consequences. It will blow the lid off in a fire storm of retribution. There are possibly Trillions in withholding Taxes which have been avoided, and will face enforced collection by the Revenue Commissioners in London once appraised. The UK’s own Fiscal dilemmas can be resolved by simple Tax enforcement and conspiring Bankers being brought to justice. Murdoch’s own media interests will be well served to expose this as Political dynamite but that has a lot to do with what the Bildeberg’s direct him to do. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has no idea of the extent of their files being held, corruption activities becoming known and being systematically tracked. As this is exposed to the European Union and British media, IT’S GAME OVER! Watergate will look like a Kindergarten birthday party.

THE WORLD GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS MUST BE RELEASED TODAY! Also, the Iraqi Dinar revaluation is a cross-linked element of the solution, but compromised by Bush family interests and co-conspirators who have demanded and received twenty percent (20%) of the Forex differential, when exchange valuations are set to underpin the new currency. In demonstration of the collusion between Bush and Obama, Obama has agreed to this “fee” for the Bush family. Yet Obama, nor any one person in the Administration, is willing to provide a justifiable and legal position for this “fee”.

Will Obama finally realize he is being cut loose and that Senior has no more use for him? Does he realize that he is expendable and will take the major part of the fall? Can Obama be so blind or is Valarie Jarret not serving the interests of the President and thereby the interests of the American people? Senior has allowed him to steal in excess of 11 Billion dollars in fraudulent funds. Will Obama wake up and realize that Senior will never allow him to use these funds? THE ONLY CHOICE FOR OBAMA IS TO USE HIS EXECUTIVE POWERS AND RELEASE ALL THE WORLD GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS IMMEDIATELY! He still has the power to do what is right, but will his moral compass continue to be self edifying? Obama alone will take the final punishment and be the end of his own demise.

All this and so much more has and will continue to be unveiled. Pay what is lawfully owed and get Americans back to work. Let real Patriots get Projects started. Investigate and start the political and banking clean-up NOW!