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18th January 2012, 06:41
I`m not sure if this thread is in the correct place ,but I would like some answers
About two weeks ago I had just climbed into bed for some much needed shut eye .
I was laying there with my eyes closed but still awake when I slowly lifted up out of my body and went for a what could be deemed as a fly around ,I did not look down to see my body laying there, as I passed through the roof every thing was in focus but the further I went the more jumbled every thing became ,swirling patterns and shapes so I thought I`d better go back,I opened my eyes and there was pitch blackness like there should be.Through this entire event I had the distinct impression that I was awake.
I though to myself that was pretty good ,I will try and go for a fly tomorrow night
The next night came so I climbed into bed closed my eyes thinking about going for another fly,I had my eyes closed but still wide awake then suddenly my entire body arched and I sucked in a very large breath,the only way to put it is, I was viontely ripped from my body everything was jumbled again patterns and swirling colours,then in the middle of my field of view this large eye opened up and just stared at me ,excuse the french but the reaction I had was to **** my self and flew straight back from where I came
The thing is that I was sure I was still awake ,my eyes were just closed ,my wife was sound asleep next to me so I hadden`t been thrashing about with a nightmare.
Over the previous two weeks since this has happened ,I have tried to go flying as I put it but have not been able to since that experience
Could someone explain what went on ,I have had a few strange experiences in my 53,years Re: What Is Your 'Unusual Experience' Story? but nothing like this.
Kind regards James :confused:

18th January 2012, 08:51
Awesome, James! Now, where's our resident OBE specialist...?

You have just had an out of body experience, or gone 'Astral Travelling'. The first few times I did this it changed my worldview and perception of who I was.. I was not just a body, but a spirit within a body, destined to simply fly off upon mortal expiration. The most important thing is that you begin to understand these journeys, and hopefully continue to explore the astral. I would recommend the books of Robert A. Monroe. www.monroeinstitute.org/robert-monroe/ There is absolutely nothing to worry about.;)

18th January 2012, 08:59
the whole being ripped from your body and seeing a large eye, doesn't really mesh with what i have read from Monroe though.... doesn't sound like fun.

18th January 2012, 09:31
Monroe went through many scary experiences in the beginning, such as having a 'monster' breathing down his neck and holding onto his back after he separated, only to find after days of trial and error that it was his own body. The astral dimension, in the levels more removed from the physical, can contain 'constructs' of human thought, or thought forms. The large eye could be one of these. Nothing that further exploration won't solve!:plane:

Where's your spirit of exploration, wolf_rt?

18th January 2012, 09:34
lol... you're right... i've only had a couple of 'astral' experiences, but never made it out of my body... when i realised what was happening i freaked out, and 'snapped awake'

18th January 2012, 10:26
I've had both OBE's and astral travels. I've never had a big eye looking at me before but it seems I've read somewhere before about a big eye looking at someone in a OBE...

18th January 2012, 22:02
Thanks for the information,I will have to get hold of the book
Try as i might I can`t get the same thing to happen
Kind regards James

18th January 2012, 22:18
Hi James, you lucky bugger! I've been trying to get out of my body for months now and have never managed it. You give me hope.


18th January 2012, 22:33
The OBE or astral thing used to happen every once in a while when was young-preteen. I recall waking confused many times, always remembering flying around looking down onto my neighborhood. Years later as a cadet in civil air patrol got the opportunity to actually fly over the area, it was a real dejavu moment, exactly the same as I'd seen years earlier during OBE. As long as can remember, always see patterns when falling asleep . Since found out those patterns are called fractal geometry. There are some really cool fractal geometry vids on YT , another dejavue moment for me also.

Darla Ken Pearce
19th January 2012, 00:12
We have always had the ability to travel into other realms and states of being ~ from our first birth. We usually make these journeys during sleep and into ethereal realms during different states of sleep. You can actually ask to go to Delta and speak with a relative that's passed or one that's alive but fighting with you, to make peace. Many possibilities are open to choose from depending on where you want to go.

We each have bodies with a unique vibration. A "tone of being" if you will consider this idea. A frequency. We are attracted during sleep to whatever realm we vibrate towards. Also during daylight while awake we attract those experience we match up with. This is why it's so important to keep positive and eliminate negative thoughts. It's not that we are having a different collective experience, it's that we tune into the same BS being broadcasted on our own unique level and this is what colors our perceptions of it. We then, draw these matching vibrations to ourselves, and they manifest into our reality.

The higher the vibe you can maintain, the happier and lighter your world becomes. These are choices we make even when we refuse to consider such things as even being possible. Ridicule, dark thoughts, anger, resentment, jealousy, unkindness, darkens our personal vista and we attract the same to us like a magnet. Put out light, light returns, and the same with darkness, struggle and strife. Fear is in the mix. Let love prevail.

One of the lowest sofeggio tones eliminates fear. Yet most people who live in fear daily, don't consider how easy it is to lift ourselves out of it through use of these tones. Maybe they've never heard of them and maybe they are just not open to these ideas. Sometimes we are meant to experience them until we care enough to pay attention and find relief.

Whatever the state of our vibration is at the time of a dream state, dictates whether our experience is a happy or frightening one. If we have a lower vibration or are filled with negativity and fear, we draw ourselves into realms we may not choose to go into while awake. So it is of great benefit to keep as much negativity out of our lives as possible. We are attracted to realms we match inside. So match up with the happiest one available to you.

The vibe we match is drawn to us like a magnet. If we are filled with fear, we draw scary elements to our being in the Astral plains rather then the higher Ethereal realms open to us. If I saw a huge EYE it could probably be traced back to a belief that something huge had me under surveillance like Big Brother. I've had enough of those feelings during this lifetime.

Well, so what? More to fear is your own Akashic record that is recording every thought, deed, and action we take throughout our lives. Big brother to us, isn't important in the long or short run, so not to worry. Our eyes have camera's and we get to have life reviews this year if we so desire. Ti's lovely!

When we dwell in higher vibes, the fear of such things falls away. Your own, higher power within will guide and guard you from harm or places you don't want to go either awake or asleep. We have forgotten how to trust our own hearts and intuition. We have been conditioned to suspect everything and everyone. This just brings more of the same darkness, mistrust and pain.

We are multi-dimensional ourselves and many factors come into play. A good thing is to ask to remember in the morning and spend as much time as possible having happy thoughts. Amazing travel is open to all of us right now. Stargates have opened that were closed for millions of years, now open. As soon as we can lose our "fear" we can literally run through them to bliss.

To get my vibration up, I used to listen to Youtube videos with the beautiful geometric Sofeggio tones. Run a search under "HZ" and all the different tones come up. Work your way through them and find what level you can tolerate and be comfortable listening. Each brings miracles, healing, and other blessings to you as a side effect. Listening to a certain level as you work your way up for periods of ten minutes. You have to search for ones this long or play shorter ones over a few times. They sink in better at ten minutes and you adjust to them quicker of this length.

This works miracles if you are open to miracles. Personally, I would not wander about in any of those realms without some preparation. Play these tones as often as possible and find a balance within your own heart that is a good fit and work on increasing your tolerance for the higher ones.

To ascend is to reach these higher realms and states of being and this can be done through rising our own frequency. You don't need wait for anyone to assist you. Ask and unseen angels will guide your way.

Once you're able to abide in the higher tones ~ Find your comfort zone and keep working on it until satisfied. Then, you are free to go anywhere with your sweet multi-dimensional being and be welcomed and cherished wherever you travel in many realms, and many galaxies that are open.

David Trd1
19th January 2012, 02:29
To get my vibration up, I used to listen to Youtube videos with the beautiful geometric Sofeggio tones.

I agree

While meditation is something recent for me in the past 12 months,these have been invaluble tools for me also,very powerful.:)