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18th January 2012, 14:41
Let us not forget his courage and determination. I saw the helicopter footage in 2010, and thought, "Finally, someone up front to lead". His life will Never be the same, while millions of Arabs, are just starting, as of last Spring, to experience their lives, renewed.


18th January 2012, 15:57
"I haven't had a lifelong campaign against authority. Legitimate authority is important. All human systems require authority, but authority must be granted as a result of the informed consent of the governed. Presently, the consent, if there is any, is not informed, and therefore it's not legitimate. To communicate knowledge, we must protect people's privacy and so I have been, for 20 years, developing systems and policy and ideals to protect people's rights to communicate privately without government interference, without government surveillance. The right to communicate without government surveillance is important, because surveillance is another form of censorship. When people are frightened that what they are saying may be overheard by a power that has the ability to lock people up, then they adjust what they're saying. They start to self-censor."
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18th January 2012, 16:47
What advice do you have for journalists, based on your experience?
"I have a lot of sympathy for journalists who are trying to protect their sources. It's very hard now. Unless you're an electronic-surveillance expert or you have frequent contact with one, you must stay off the Net and mobile phones. You really have to just use the old techniques, paper and whispering in people's ears. Leave your mobile phones behind. Don't turn them off, but tell your source to leave electronic devices in their offices. We are now in a situation where countries are recording billions of hours of conversations, and proudly proclaiming that you don't have to select which telephone call you're intercepting, because you intercept every telephone call."

Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/julian-assange-the-rolling-stone-interview-20120118#ixzz1jpT61ITy