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18th January 2012, 23:27
So with the upcoming release of the movie 'The Lost Symbol' by Dan Brown, I was wondering what some may think? I found the book quite entertaining and really enjoyed the topic of Noetic Sciences particularly. There seems to be many subtle hints as to the power of consciousness and collective thought. I realize that many feel Dan Brown is only the 'front man' for TPTB, but I am looking forward to the movie to see what is left out of the script. I also found the last few chapters about the secrets of the bible very interesting as well.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

19th January 2012, 00:33
I'm looking forward to the movie as well. I didn't read the book but find the subject matter interesting.

Unified Serenity
19th January 2012, 01:27
I love Dan Brown's books, all of them. I don't even know if I read that book though so now I will have to go look it up. I found a wonderful source for some great bits of information about the bible, books not included in it or books only some "sects" of Christianity use. I read a quote today about passage found in the dead sea scrolls that says more than what the bible shares and yet it is supposed be quoting the bible. I'm always digging for the deeper roots, so now I have more to go look at, thanks..... (adds it to the list).


David Trd1
19th January 2012, 02:21
While i find how he presents the information to be sugary and grossly untrue in some cases.

The first book all those years ago did awaken me to become interested in behind ''the curtain'' as it were,but as a tool of truth and research these books are not.

Entertainment is just that.

Entertain comes from Medieval Latin intertenere "to hold inside", from inter- "inside" + tenere "to hold".........or trap maybe?!


Unified Serenity
19th January 2012, 02:50
It is very entertaining.