View Full Version : A Time of Change

19th January 2012, 17:04
I will be gone for a couple of weeks and just wanted to say a few things before I go.
1. Continue in your fight to stand in your own light
2. Donít give up in your quest for knowledge
3. Activate everything you can
4. Live in the present and remove/reconcile your past no matter how far back you came from
5. Love and respect even the little things in life, being nice was never a flaw
6. Love and forgive yourself no matter how painful it is
7. Use your HEART!
8. Have fun and enjoy life as much as you are trying to change it
9. The only thing proving a point does is prove that you donít know enough to be teachable
10. Smile!

19th January 2012, 23:37
Dear Dig,

Love all ten of your "Things to Do" and do promise to keep doing my best at all of them. You may not be here for a few weeks but remember you are in my heart.

Hopefully we will hear from you when you return as your posts are full of love, wisdom and support, that which we all need, not just me.

Take Care My Friend :)