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14th July 2010, 03:27
Why is it that the Panamanian people can come together and fight for what they want and believe in, but the American people cannot? We all just sit back idly and do nothing allowing the elite to do what they please. We can always keep it peaceful, just nobody show up to work, don't buy gas or food. Shut the nation down until we get what we want. I don't think it would take that long to come to an agreement.


14th July 2010, 04:34
I recently listened to the Hour of the time show with Bill Cooper, it was the show in which he predicted 9/11. He can be very bold and blunt b.t.w. But he told
the listeners that the government is taken hostage by ... corporations. And corporations can be taken over by the people by buying stocks and send the
board of directors home ... It's an idea ... if you could 'organize' it.

Another point is that the population of Panama is only 3.5 Million compared to the US with 310 million (source: CIA - The World Factbook (https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2119rank.html?countryName=Panama&countryCode=pm&regionCode=ca&rank=133#pm))
Besides the lower number there is also something else that I noticed ... United States is nr. 3 in the list and is compared to other countries.
But is the US of A really one country ?(My intend is really just a question).

In some cases the USA is compared to Europe ... but Europe is a bunch of countries.
I can imagine the people in the USA perceive their citizenship somewhat different ... sometimes it's federal sometimes state-wise, sometimes county-wise etc.

As you may have read in the OLE OLE OLE thread the Netherlands was colored orange all over because of the world championship soccer tournament. It happens
during these events that people tie together ... but may quarrel each other silly in other times.

So maybe it's good to question what it is to be an American citizen and what it is that glues the nation together. If you find that answer things will get organized ...
It reminds me to the scene in Lord of the rings, the battle at Helms deep. The outlook on the situation is hopeless, but elves step in to help the humans and later
other 'tribes' join forces to stand together ... maybe the situation is not dire enough for everyone to realize their contribution to correct things is needed ?

14th July 2010, 06:39
Complacency, laziness, and convenience allows for this to happen. I don't think people want violence either.....

And no we are not united. Congress points that out. factions.........

If everyone stopped paying their bills at the exact same moment then yes.......we would shut down the nation.
Though people actually think this is important so it will never happen.
I remember a day or two where there was a petition for people not to buy gas for one single day. This would deny the companies millions upon millions.
It failed.
I argue that convenience is bliss.

I have heard from people that they don't care about people's **** in general.
This is complacency. Because until there is a genuine realization that people need to pull their heads out of their asses then we will never see a change. Unfortunately people have unknowingly allowed their heads to be shoved up their own asses by a third party. This is a problem. If people are unwilling to feel an emotional and physical effect from that realization, then we are doomed.

The whole purpose in life is to learn, create, and research as much as possible in every subject possible. People are lazy and want to be handed the answer by someone else. This is a problem. It dulls creativity and promotes the allowance for mind control and in general, a narcotic effect on the ability for humanity to learn something beneficial and genuine

14th July 2010, 14:49
Very good points Decibellistics!
I did share this on facebook, but it's like anything that is not game related, it gets ignored. One of my "friends" went so far as to insult me about what I posted once, so I removed him as a friend. Debate is good, but I can do without the insults.

15th July 2010, 15:01
Thank you. Just an observational opinion.
LOL. Agreed. People amaze me. They are too proud.

Your from the MO too. howdy neighbor lol.

16th July 2010, 02:47
Thank you. Just an observational opinion.
LOL. Agreed. People amaze me. They are too proud.

Your from the MO too. howdy neighbor lol.

Yes, I am from Missouri, but still driving with my Nevada drivers license and Nevada tags on my car as I cannot fully give up Nevada! I am missing Nevada big time and am thinking of returning back there. This hot and humid weather is about to kill me! :nod:

Yes, people are too proud, but sometimes having pride is a good thing, but then at other times it can be devastating.