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23rd January 2012, 20:51
I'm posting this on behalf of Ernie Nemeth, who accidentally erased his e-mail Inbox today.
Would our resident computer nerds be able to guide him through the process of retrieving it?
All help would be greatly appreciated.

23rd January 2012, 21:28
I'm posting this on behalf of Ernie Nemeth, who accidentally erased his e-mail Inbox today.
Would our resident computer nerds be able to guide him through the process of retrieving it?
All help would be greatly appreciated.
Do you refer to Ernie's Private Message (PM) inbox on this forum, or do you refer to some email provider's (such as gmail, hotmail, Ernie's ISP, yahoo, fastmail, ...) email inbox ?

Not that I can help either way ... but this changes how I can't help :) (sorry, Ernie.)

Ernie Nemeth
23rd January 2012, 21:30
Funny. Thanks (for not helping) though.

23rd January 2012, 21:47
Funny. Thanks (for not helping) though.

If it is your email inbox (not the forum PM inbox) then depending on who provides your email service (gmail, Yahoo, fastmail, ...) they might provide some means to restore deleted messages ... or they might not. You'd have to check with them, or peruse their online help and support webpages.

23rd January 2012, 21:53
Ernie, describe exactly what you did, what email client you are using, and what OS.

The first thing to try - although it is doubtful that it would work - is to try restoring the system to an earlier point in time.
Do you have System Restore enabled?

Also, try and find the backup copy of the file, by using the Search function.
(Be sure to enable "search hidden files" and "backup copies", of course.)

That should work - unless you have erased all backup files in the meantime.

Ernie Nemeth
24th January 2012, 11:51

My service is yahoo. What did I do? I want to say nothing, but I must have done something. My computer has been getting really slow of late. Microsoft and its horrendous memory allocation system bogs down as your data increases...
So it was still loading when I went to click on an email I wanted to reply to. Thats when I got the prompt that all emails were erased. No prompt gave me the chance to second guess myself, it didn't ask me if I was sure I wanted to erase everything, it just did it and told me it had, done.

So that's about it.
What do you think? any chance of recovery?
Thanks in advance for any help.

24th January 2012, 12:16
How long had it been since the last time you used your yahoo email account - very approximately - days, weeks, months, ... ?

If it had been over 4 months (from what I see looking at yahoo email just now) they might have deleted your messages, permanently.

If it has not been long (a few weeks or less, say) then are you sure your email is gone? Have you gone back and logged in again to see if your email is still there, or really missing?

24th January 2012, 12:27
I wish i could lose my inbox,
i have 24,000+ messages.
Mostly crap, but that's way too much sorting,
for my lazy libran self.

You have any back ups Ernie??

24th January 2012, 12:47
with Yahoo you can try http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/mail_restore.html to restore your mail last 48+

24th January 2012, 17:00
Oh. It was the webmail inbox.
I know nothing about that, but Apokalypse's suggestion is probably the soundest one.
Keep us posted how it goes!

Regarding your computer's slowing down... It is true that, over time, Windows tend to bloat out of all proportion and hog way too much space.
However, you might find CCleaner very useful. (I know I do.)

For antivirus protection I use Avast! - the free version, works fine with me.
I am all over the web, but never get any nasties (touch wood!).

13th Warrior
24th January 2012, 17:20
Check your trash folder

Ernie Nemeth
25th January 2012, 15:14
Thank you folks. Trying the restore emails option with Yahoo itself as suggested by apocacalpse.

See, that's how much I distrust these big guys, I would never have even considered asking them for help. Let alone try to figure out how to ask, or where.

Yahoo said they'd get back to me soon.
Will keep you posted on events.
Thanks again.

25th January 2012, 15:39
May i suggest you open a Mozzila Thunderbird account..if one of the two delete your messages then all will be on the yahoo main account or over at Mozzilla.Yahoo and gmail both link to Mozzilla Thunderbird.
I also a few years ago had Yahoo and accidentally deleted..and I LOST all, and no help from them..so if things were linke they were back then..I am afraid you have lost all your messages. I'd suggest you also get a new client email. Yahoo is one of the very worse IMHO.
Good luck i do hope you can get back your lost info!

25th January 2012, 15:48
I googled this, maybe some ideas here. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/gmail/thread?tid=4250306aba46c7c0&hl=en