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23rd January 2012, 21:36
Hi Everyone!

This is my first post in Project Avalon forum.

I wish all the best to everyone!

I would like to ask for several things:

1.) Would you share what is your practice to be active in your world and work. What are you doing to make our Life, World and Planet better. I know that the basic way is in the understanding, but like every child to know something it has to be interested in it and to try it. What is your experience to make changes and talk with other people about new way of living (I hope you understand me).

2.) All we know that there are programs that only squeeze people and work against the improving of our soul and abilities. Do you already have a full program, book, method or something else that describe what is the new way of life. What I mean - The most read book is the Bible, but there are lots of hidden information, codes and so on. Is there a practical manual to all people who are interested in the new way of living, like everyday practice, food, drinks, mediation, sport, entertainment, games, leisure, building a home, work, tips, what is important, how to understand relations between people, relations between people and animals, Earth, plants, take care about the Nature and Planet and so on.

3.) It is known that the power of visualization is unlimited. At this moment the most important is to work together. Is there a practice at specific hour of every day all people to work on meditation about our Planet and Life on it, on our future.

Thanks for your time!

With all my respect and best wishes to everyone,


23rd January 2012, 22:20
Welcome to Avalon :)
You are asking very good questions and the answers can be found all over the place, simply read through the threads or wherever your inquisitiveness leads you, sometimes the information you are searching for is explicitly mentioned, sometimes it's between the lines.

If you want answers right here, I'd say one could write volumes answering your questions, but right now I'm not inclined to do so, so very succinct:
1. I intend to be the change I want to see and be a living example of what can be done. Apart from that: Seeing a need and offering help.
2. The "Handbook for the New Paradigm" series (for free on www.nohoax.com) is a good starting point, I find. (Also see Project Camelot interview with George Green for the background story to this.)
3. Just google "collective meditation" or something like that, sometimes events are being posted on the forum.