View Full Version : What is it you love about life?

24th January 2012, 16:09
Here's a few of mine:
I love sunshine. Especially when I'm drying my clothes outside.
I love it when my doggy comes to sit on my lap when I'm feeling sad or lonely.
I love tomato and basil soup on a cold winter's day.
I love to hear the birds singing after a rain.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass.
I love to see the cherry blossoms bloom in the Spring.
I love the affections of loving children, family and friends.


24th January 2012, 16:28
I love the unlimited possibilities! Something I wish I'd realized at a much younger age.

I love the forest and the trees, walking among them, smelling the smells. I love my Pug. I love my old car with 227,000 miles. I love cashews. I love sitting under the awning, watching a thunderstorm. I love sitting quietly, looking squarely at where I'd headed. Most of all, I love when my children hug and love me spontaneously.

24th January 2012, 16:30
Being a part of 'History' in the making..! :yes4: