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24th January 2012, 20:25
I'd call this a 'MUST WATCH'...took me back to my own passionate college years and warmed my heart. Not sure what the overall effect is actually going to be, but I suspect the ptb are now trying to figure out how to squelch the internet to keep this from happening everywhere:

This came in an email this morning...

Well, maybe something is happening and the 100th monkey finally jumped over the fence.... I don't have a T.V. so I can't say for sure, but I'll bet you won't see this on CBS, NBC, FOX or CNN.. Maybe for the same reason you don't hear about Ron Paul...

buckminster fuller
24th January 2012, 20:28

page embodiment :)

24th January 2012, 20:39
Well, it looks good and it looks large. Here's to hoping that it will be seen on channels other than acronym tv.
Once something gets on you tube though, and it gets popular enough we do eventually see it at least mentioned elsewhere.

24th January 2012, 21:29
Yeah thx...definitely NOT showing this on the evening news

24th January 2012, 21:36
I hope somebody starts to employ tactics with all of these bodies. Surrounding the armor (police) can provide a huge psychological advantage. Chess games are not won punching your opponent in the face. They are won by strategy. Check and checkmate are situational. I hope some vets get in there and use tactical positioning of the superior numbers. It would change things dramatically. Sheep don't think tactics and are managed by a yapping dog or two.

24th January 2012, 22:03
Awesome! I thought it might take a bit longer before the Occupy movement started to reclaim it's Mojo after winter, but obviously it's all systems go! Or, in their terms, "DC has it's swagger back!"

"Hey, Mr. Obama, come on out. We've got something to talk about!"

13th Warrior
24th January 2012, 22:27
acronym TV, LOL!

24th January 2012, 22:46
From OWS, Congress to china square, to your own home town, education of the masses is continuing to spread far and wide.

In my heart I feel this movement needs to spread out, or spill out of the parks into the streets surrounding the parks at first, then expand to the corners, every corner of major intersection, then expand down the street from corner to corner Occupy the city. Up and down each street, go home at night get a shower, get some sleep, get up and do it all over again the next day.

Not stay in a little ball confined to a park, a pen the police can control and watch over. Spread out up and down the streets out of everybodyís way but were everybody can see the people and can read the signs when they stop for a street light or walk threw the crowd to get to work. Slowing everything down to a crall. If you feel you must stay home or can't come out play with us then. >consider <:lock1:

Make your own OWS sign plant it in your front yard, Nabors to Nabors, Marches are fine. Tweet and blog your heart out,-- well not so good. >numbers< infecting space works the best.

---- But itís still not spreading out. ---

:sick:The city gets a sour throat = (OWS itís in the park) spreading into the city = next day the cities in bed sicker that ****.= (Itís moved into the whole city) It has to spread to the rest of the body (town =surrounding area to put it into bed. Then you take away the medication (all and any form of violence they want) by not (supporting the grid) sending it into pneumonia. Then total non compliance = (pulling the plug on the life support machine that feeds the game.) it dies.

As long as OWS or Congress stays just a sour throat the police will always be the cough drops, and nice worm scarf around OWS neck. :nerd: IT HAS TO WAKE UP AND SPREAD OUT INTO THE CITY and infecting the hole body! Even bigger than the one million man march the city canít handle that big of a peaceful virus.

They manufacture AIDís,-- we need to return the favor and give them Pneumonia. A lethal and incurable virus just like AIDís that just wonĎt go away. Namaste :rain:

24th January 2012, 23:30
I appreciate all your ideas to make this movement more effective, I just want to say this gives me the shills. The frog in the boiling water effect does not only apply to 'negative' situations :)

25th January 2012, 00:22
The biggest obstacle to a critical mass of people understanding and taking appropriate action that I see is the very trusting, law-abiding natures of the majority of older Americans, which the ptb have used against them. Blindly thinking they have to follow the 'law of the land'...EVEN when the laws that are being agreed upon by their elected representatives are being passed at midnight, during holidays when they can be sneaked in, not reported on by paid-off media because they are clearly not in their best interests and are downright un-Constitutional. And the law enforcement people who think they have to enforce laws just because they've been passed without really looking at the laws and seeing that even THEY are acting outside the Constitution and putting themselves and their own families and friends at risk by enforcing them.

I've read more than one legal eagle saying every congressman who passed on those bills are clearly in violation of their sworn oaths and have committed treason. (BTW-why are not an army of even just self-interested lawyers not ' Occupying DC'? ). It looks to me like the people most intimidated by the system are the ones working on the lower levels of the system.

I believe the tipping point must not only be won by large displays of solidarity, but also by one-on-one conversations bringing the reality of how America has been hoodwinked, how and WHY to those who normally have full trust in our system and don't understand how the government and media has been hijacked. I've noticed that even when I point this stuff out and READ THE LAWS to them, they still resist accepting/digesting the information. But a combination of individuals yapping about it like s terriers after a bone and them hearing about mass demonstrations on the public level just might be the one-two punch for the knockout.

Lost Soul
25th January 2012, 00:39
Peter Schiff did tell them to go to Congress. The only other place Schiff Suggested was the Fed Res. I am heartened to see the youth awakening to the malaise and corruption of the govt.