View Full Version : The Lost Gods of Easter Island

The One
24th January 2012, 21:01
BBC documentary written and presented by David Attenborough. It explores the history of the civilization of the remote Easter islands.


Star Tsar
25th January 2012, 00:53
That statue David has in this is that a depiction of Enlil I wonder?

25th January 2012, 14:07
Had Thiaoouba Prophecy been consulted, much more would have been understood - particularly that these figures were smiling... ;)

25th January 2012, 14:26
Interesting, Great find, always fascinated me Easter Island. That statue in the beginning has an out of this world look. Could this statue very well be a replica of one of the the master geneticists perhaps.

25th January 2012, 15:39
Thanks for this The One! I had the pleasure of visiting the Rapa Nui (Easter Island is a colonist name) last June for 2.5 days after 12.5 in Peru. This is a very fascinating island with active spirits around the Moai.

I just finished a fascinating book by Col. James Churchward. In the book, he provides convincing evidence of the possibility that Easter Island along with other island in the Pacific were a part of the ancient Island of Lemuria before it sunk due to Volcanic activity.

Here is a sample map: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Book_map1.jpg